What’s on(line) in Lancaster: Week two

A week packed with charity and community!

Well, we’re still here. Still asking our friends the same pub quiz questions, drinking wine during the day and heading to Morrisons just to feel something. This week has been one of reflection for us all and we hope to carry this mood into next week. The Lancaster Tab is here to point you in the direction of all things charity and community- here is the ultimate guide.

1. The Grizedale 500

As a college, Grizedale are taking on the challenge of running 500 miles for the NHS. Grizedale college has chosen to make a donation to the NHS due to the increasing pressure being put on resources and staff wellbeing.. The funding will help improve “the hospital environment, maintain equipment and provide extra care.”

The aim is to get everyone involved, regardless of college. Once you’ve run, walked, jumped, hopped or skipped your miles comment them on the just giving page and give whatever you can.

The chosen charity is the Bay Hospital Group – the charity supporting Morecambe Bay hospitals. £10 can buy toys and books for children’s wards, £100 can send a nurse on a training course to learn new skills and £1,000 can buy life-saving equipment. Money also goes towards buying well-being packs for staff, devices for isolated patients to communicate with their family and mental health support for those affected by the crisis.

The college want to see everyone who is getting involved and encourage those taking part to tag them on instagram.

Image via Grizedale College Facebook

2. Korfball club fundraiser

Lancaster University’s Korfball club have decided to undergo their “biggest challenge yet!”

20 members of the club have decided to take on the task of running, walking, cycling or swimming a total of 1500 miles within a timeframe of 50 days. The fundraiser started on the 12th May and will finish at the end of June.

Korfball club aims to give back to those who are struggling the most in our city. They will be fundraising for both a local healthcare and support charity in Lancaster called Cancercare and  their club. As a result of the pandemic “the incomings for the club have ground to a halt.” They need to raise funds in order to “continue the growth and development of the club and to help us attend tournaments in the future.” Korfball has dreams to raise £1 per mile. Anything raised above £1,000 will be split more in favour of the charity.

The Ligers encourage people to join them by downloading Strava and helping the cause.

3. County College pride month fundraiser

This month County College will be running a fundraiser in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity which helps young LGBTQ+ people, aged 16-25, who are facing homelessness or a hostile living environment. More information on the Albert Kennedy Trust can be found on the website.

County JCR will work together with County netball and football clubs to aim to achieve 286 hours of exercise (in any form).

This number has been chosen as on the 28/6/1969, the Stonewall Riots took place in Manhattan following a police raid on the bar, an event which is widely considered to be one of the most important events in LGBTQ+ history and is commemorated annually.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and can be made through their just giving page.

Image via The County College Facebook

4. LUSU Presidential By-election

Voting for the next LUSU President will open at 10am June 10th and close at 4pm June 12th.

The nominees are listed alphabetically as follows:

Chloe Wilmot, Joe Fundrey, John Parker, Lewis Marriott, Oliver Robinson, Taylor Donoughue-Smith, Timothy Lloyd-Judson and Victoria Hatch

Their manifestos can be read on the LUSU website.

When voting opens it will be accessible here.

5. PTO and JCR By-elections

Voting will also take place for the Summer PTO and JCR By-elections.

The role of international student’s officer is also being decided. The International Students’ Officer is the Part Time Officer responsible for leading, facilitating, and supporting the concerns and views of international students at the university.

The nominees are Yo Hong Guh and Balint Pongracz.

6. Why is my curriculum white?

Lancaster’s independent student-led campaign “Why is my curriculum white?” have shared a multitude of anti-racism resources. These include; numbers to text and call, places to donate, resources for protestors, educational resources and an FAQ forum.

These resources start at beginner level resources on activism and anti-racism and range all the way up to lesson plans on being an ally. They have even provided a map to track protests around the world.

The aim of their campaign is to develop a manifesto focusing on education, inclusivity & identity. Find out more information on instagram and Facebook.

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