Rebecca Lockwood

Wetherspoons HQ have confirmed there was a norovirus outbreak at The Sir Richard Owen

‘A customer was ill at the pub’

The Sir Richard Owen Wetherspoons denies closure is due to contamination of norovirus

‘That’s absolutely not true’

The best signs from the picket line at the climate strike in Lancs

Frack off Boris

Chinese student films himself ripping down pro Hong Kong posters on Lancs Campus

He sent it to the Chinese undergrad groupchat

Dry humping, pillowtalk and Brexit: What to expect when sleeping with each college boy at Lancs uni

Sad reacts if he’s from Fylde

UCLan confession page facing legal action from the uni due to ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’

The page was described as ‘offensive’

Ludans posted a ‘day in the life’ Insta story so iconic you have to stan

SO extra

Lancaster Uni to call back students in Hong Kong due to wellbeing concerns

They’re offering the financial support to do so

We toured all of Lancs’ most underrated late night takeaways so you don’t have to

Flames was NOT flames

Hustle announces that it’s closing down TONIGHT

After 15 years of hustlin’

Here’s all of Lancaster’s best Halloween costumes from this year

SpoOoOoky season

There are three fire engines and people wrapped in shock blankets outside the uni gym

Due to a suspected fire in the changing rooms

Ryan Giggs’ new Lancaster-backed uni attracts only 64 students

‘Heaps embarrassment’ for Lancaster University

SU Welfare Officer jokes about leaving sexual misconduct policy to the last minute

She has since publicly apologised

I lived my week like a StudyTuber and honestly, I’m exhausted

How do they do it?

A Lancaster Student last seen in Newcastle has gone missing

She’s a second year studying English Lit

Confirmed: Lancs Grad Ball isn’t happening again this year

The Grad Ball is suspended for the ‘foreseeable future’.

Lancaster SU ban former BME Officer from any future Union role after Snowsports picture leak

They claimed it was a ‘breach of confidentiality’

Snowsports students given 12 month suspensions and fines for white t-shirt social

Some face fines up to £500