Rebecca Lockwood

Which packet of crisps are you, really?

I wanna be as boujee as a packet of Walkers Sensations x

Lancaster ranks six places above York in The Guardian’s best unis of 2021

Lancs is 10th in the league table

‘It isn’t offensive’: Creator of Instagram’s ‘chav’ face defends the filter

‘It reminded me of the girls on Geordie Shore’

I lived on the poverty line. If Tories think you can eat healthy and cheap, they’re wrong

You have no idea what you’re talking about

‘The uni failed me’: Student experiences of sexual assault at Lancaster University

‘They care more about plagiarism than they do about sexual assault on their campus’

Santana from Glee helped me come out, and bi girls will always be grateful for her

She taught me that I would be loved regardless of my sexuality

I tried audio porn for a week, and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself

It’s a bit like getting sexy with Siri, but with really amazing orgasms

These 21 memes about the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme are as wild as the idea itself

Don’t call me a hero, just doing my bit

31 things you’ll encounter while living with boys

No more Little Britain. We have surpassed the need for Little Britain.

Plan a socially distanced picnic and we’ll tell you which Lancs college you really belong in

A ham sandwich screams Fylde

Here are all the little things you are definitely missing about Lancaster

The idea of doing my housemates washing up has never been so appealing

Meet Teznashe, the Lancs student who wrote the song ‘Black Lives Don’t Just Matter’

‘To other students who are not aware of the inequalities, I’d simply advise them to educate themselves’

You could sue your university for poor online teaching during the pandemic

‘A lot will depend upon expectations and how universities manage this’

Here are the top 10 billionaires donating to Oxford University

Donations are as big as £150 mil

These are the shows being edited or pulled from streaming due to racist depictions

Many of them feature obvious blackface

Who was Cecil Rhodes and why do people want his statue removed?

He was a self-confessed white supremacist

I tried the American ‘British Tea’ that outraged Twitter – it’s as bad as you’d think

It’s not a war crime, but it isn’t great either

Before we lay 13 Reasons Why to rest, here’s everything it got wrong in four seasons

Oh the land of ‘Liberty High School’ long may she rest

Pictured: What happened at the BLM protests across the UK this weekend

From Edinburgh to London town

We spoke to Lancs LGBTQ+ students about what pride month means to them

‘The community, especially during pride month really lets me be me, unashamedly queer’

Now it is illegal, here are 27 things we miss about having sex in Lancaster

When can us singletons start having sex again?

James May is hosting Pendle’s Stay at HomeStrav on Friday

Pendle’s most famous alumnus returns

All the reasons D Cummings should have gone to Lancaster Castle over Barnard Castle

Better parking for a start x

‘Threw up on the bar in Hustle’: We asked for your best Lancs night out stories and you did not disappoint

Just want a night out x

Lancaster Uni are planning to hold the next academic year online

The uni is assessing a ‘range’ of options if it is unsafe to return to lecture halls

The rise of pro-anorexia content on TikTok is making girls quit the app

The pro-ana content which plagued Tumblr has found a new home

The Lancs Tab Good News Column: Challenges, donating visors and the Connecting Kids project

A little bit of joy from Lancs lockdown

Here’s how to find and use all the BEST Instagram story filters to impress your followers

I’ve always wanted to be the bouncing DVD logo

We created Met Gala looks from Lockdown, in loving memory of Lancs Grad Ball

Brb just gotta explain to my mum why I used all her tin foil

Are you classy, boujee or nasty based on your ideal Lancaster night out?

Beyonce said I’m a SAVAGE

The Lancs Tab Good News Column: Fundraising, TABUKI playlists and green screens

Here to bring you a touch of joy in these strange times

LUSU Living announce rebate for third term rent amid pandemic lockdown

The rebate affects all households, even those in occupation

If you’re still buying clothes online during lockdown you need to sort yourself out

You are not helping anyone, at all

If you love The Office US, you’ll get at least 10/13 on this trivia quiz

13/13? You’re a Dundler Mifflin stan

Greggs are closing all stores indefinitely TOMORROW due to coronavirus

Heartbreaking news

I got bored in quarantine so I phoned all my exes and asked them what went wrong

Let’s just say it was an enlightening experience

All the best soaps Lancs students should be using to wash their hands

Aloe vera AND anti bac? Get on that

All the exams at Lancaster affected by coronavirus, with live updates

Many exams are being cancelled or moved online

Lancs pharmacies have sold out of hand sanitiser due to coronavirus panic buying

Both Lancaster Uni pharmacy and Lloyd’s pharmacy have sold out

Why do Lancaster students do these 31 things

I just LOVE Luedms!!

If you see these items in a Lancs boy’s uni bedroom, leave immediately

Please no more leavers hoodies

Lancs uni students give letter of condemnation to VC over victimisation of staff

There were over 400 signatures

Lancs student taken from halls by men in hazmat suits due to coronavirus fears

‘People are shook’

All the uncomfortable socials at Lancs that need to stop

Cable tie socials are lame x

Trophies, blisters and spooning: What to expect when sleeping with every sports boy at Lancs uni

Where are my basketball boys plz

Lancs student starts petition for no confidence vote against external trustee Graeme Osborn

He’s the one who wanted Sugar sold

GLOW Nightclub have stopped free re-entry wristbands

It’s taking immediate affect

‘He is my baby’: Mum of UK’s most prolific rapist defends her son

She fails to believe he was capable of his crimes

Tributes paid to Aberdeen Medic who died in skiing accident

‘He was just a lovely, lovely guy’

Misbah Ashraf has been appointed as Interim Chief Executive at the SU

She will hold the role until a permanent appointment is made

Wetherspoons HQ have confirmed there was a norovirus outbreak at The Sir Richard Owen

‘A customer was ill at the pub’

The Sir Richard Owen Wetherspoons denies closure is due to contamination of norovirus

‘That’s absolutely not true’

The best signs from the picket line at the climate strike in Lancs

Frack off Boris

Chinese student films himself ripping down pro Hong Kong posters on Lancs Campus

He sent it to the Chinese undergrad groupchat

Dry humping, pillowtalk and Brexit: What to expect when sleeping with each college boy at Lancs uni

Sad reacts if he’s from Fylde

UCLan confession page facing legal action from the uni due to ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’

The page was described as ‘offensive’

Ludans posted a ‘day in the life’ Insta story so iconic you have to stan

SO extra

Lancaster Uni to call back students in Hong Kong due to wellbeing concerns

They’re offering the financial support to do so

We toured all of Lancs’ most underrated late night takeaways so you don’t have to

Flames was NOT flames

Hustle announces that it’s closing down TONIGHT

After 15 years of hustlin’

Here’s all of Lancaster’s best Halloween costumes from this year

SpoOoOoky season

There are three fire engines and people wrapped in shock blankets outside the uni gym

Due to a suspected fire in the changing rooms

Petition to impeach Ben Evans after vote of no confidence has over 230 votes

Ben Evans is VP for activities

Ryan Giggs’ new Lancaster-backed uni attracts only 64 students

‘Heaps embarrassment’ for Lancaster University

SU Welfare Officer jokes about leaving sexual misconduct policy to the last minute

She has since publicly apologised

I lived my week like a StudyTuber and honestly, I’m exhausted

How do they do it?

A Lancaster Student last seen in Newcastle has gone missing

She’s a second year studying English Lit

Confirmed: Lancs Grad Ball isn’t happening again this year

The Grad Ball is suspended for the ‘foreseeable future’.

Lancaster SU ban former BME Officer from any future Union role after Snowsports picture leak

They claimed it was a ‘breach of confidentiality’

Snowsports students given 12 month suspensions and fines for white t-shirt social

Some face fines up to £500