Rebecca Lockwood

If you’re still buying clothes online during lockdown you need to sort yourself out

You are not helping anyone, at all

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13/13? You’re a Dundler Mifflin stan

Greggs are closing all stores indefinitely TOMORROW due to coronavirus

Heartbreaking news

I got bored in quarantine so I phoned all my exes and asked them what went wrong

Let’s just say it was an enlightening experience

All the best soaps Lancs students should be using to wash their hands

Aloe vera AND anti bac? Get on that

All the exams at Lancaster affected by coronavirus, with live updates

Many exams are being cancelled or moved online

Lancs pharmacies have sold out of hand sanitiser due to coronavirus panic buying

Both Lancaster Uni pharmacy and Lloyd’s pharmacy have sold out

Why do Lancaster students do these 31 things

I just LOVE Luedms!!

If you see these items in a Lancs boy’s uni bedroom, leave immediately

Please no more leavers hoodies

Lancs uni students give letter of condemnation to VC over victimisation of staff

There were over 400 signatures

Lancs student taken from halls by men in hazmat suits due to coronavirus fears

‘People are shook’

All the uncomfortable socials at Lancs that need to stop

Cable tie socials are lame x

Lancs student starts petition for no confidence vote against external trustee Graeme Osborn

He’s the one who wanted Sugar sold

GLOW Nightclub have stopped free re-entry wristbands

It’s taking immediate affect

‘He is my baby’: Mum of UK’s most prolific rapist defends her son

She fails to believe he was capable of his crimes

Tributes paid to Aberdeen Medic who died in skiing accident

‘He was just a lovely, lovely guy’

Misbah Ashraf has been appointed as Interim Chief Executive at the SU

She will hold the role until a permanent appointment is made

Wetherspoons HQ have confirmed there was a norovirus outbreak at The Sir Richard Owen

‘A customer was ill at the pub’

The Sir Richard Owen Wetherspoons denies closure is due to contamination of norovirus

‘That’s absolutely not true’

The best signs from the picket line at the climate strike in Lancs

Frack off Boris