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JCR presidents agree to 80% budget cut from LUSU

‘This will be an excellent opportunity for JCRs to return to being representatives and not simply events groups.’

Lockdown measures have been reintroduced in Preston

Lockdown measures include UCLAN

All the best Eat Out to Help Out deals in Lancaster

Ever needed an excuse to take a day trip to Lancs?

These are the Lancs pubs confirmed to be opening tomorrow

Check to see if your favs will be opening their doors

We asked Lancs Uni students what it’s like to be a 2020 graduate

‘The antithesis of what we had once imagined’

We spoke to Lancaster’s BME Student Officer Elect about the uni’s response to BLM

‘Just because the uni likes to promote its diversity, doesn’t mean its diverse’

Lancaster is 14 spaces ahead of York in the Complete University Guide

We’re also 62 ahead of UCLan FYI x

All these Lancs locations are linked to the slave trade and you didn’t even notice

You see these names and places every day

Meet Lancs BME student officer determined to make uni better for BAME students

‘No BAME students at Lancaster University will be left behind’

‘The university plays lip service to diversity’: Lancs students on the Uni’s BLM response

Students are accusing the uni of performativity

Round up, round up: These are the best home diss pics from the Class of 2020

WERK from home x

Take this quiz to reveal your post-lockdown trip out in Lancs

Sugar I want to run to you x

Every final goodbye Lancs final years wish they could have said

Lancaster we miss you x

Lancaster University postpones Summer graduation ceremonies

‘I feel like everything I was looking forward to has been cancelled’

How well do you really know Lancaster Uni? Take this quiz to find out

If you don’t get full marks you won’t graduate with honours

All the company needed in self isolation: Lancs students find bunnies on campus

Meet Terrance and Fredrick x

Our third year was cut short, here is everything you’ll miss about Lancs uni

Only love can hurt like this x

We spoke to Lancs students about their field trips being cancelled

‘I don’t know if I’ll even get my money back!’

Which Lancs college are you really?

You’re sure not your original choice x

Lancs uni release statement supporting Chinese and South/East Asian community

There’s been a recent increase in discrimination

Lancaster’s Hottest Single winner 2019/20

The results are in!

Which Love Islander is your college?

Hope I’m not Callum x

Lancaster to review accommodation fire safety after Bolton halls fire

The uni have launched an investigation

Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2019: The final

Time to crown the champion

The best Lancs library spots for crying, napping and eating

I’ve taken one for the team so you don’t have to.

Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2019: The semi-final

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Quizmas day six: Which part of the Christmas dinner are you?

Bagsy being the pigs in blanket

Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2019: Heat five

The penultimate heats

Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2019: Heat four

The next noms are in!

Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2019: Heat three

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Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2019: Heat one

Check out these bad bois x

We reviewed Paulo Giannis, the new Italian in Lancaster

Couldn’t say no to an early bird

It’s time for you to nominate Lancaster’s hottest single 2019

Who will take the title this year?

Everything that happened at the Light up Lancaster festival this weekend

Lancs is the light of my life anyway x

If every Lancs college was a halloween costume this is what they’d be

I’m a mouse… duh!

Look at these fit pics of Lancs looking stunning this Autumn

Have you seen how beaut it is??

Which classic course mate are you?

Macbook girl we see you

Best cafes in Lancs

The hottest spots for a coffee in Lancs

Everything you missed at Lancaster Music Festival 2019

A review of the live music event

Nominations for Lancaster’s maddest freshers are now open

We want your wildest stories

Lancaster is eighth best uni in the UK

Obviously smashing York x

I actually cannot believe the new Sugar Free card is £25 a term

It was £45 for the year last year!!!

Man arrested over Lancaster Uni cyber attack

The hacker sent fraudulent invoices to students

Lancs student goes teetotal in aid of Mind

India Ellis makes the impossible possible x

Lanc’s most notorious BNOC: the results

And the winner is…

Which Love Islander is your Lancs college?

We’ve all been dying for the answer…

Lancs most notorious BNOC: The final

The votes are in x

Lancs most notorious BNOC: The semi-finals

The Big Four

The ‘egg heads’ Brave the Shave and raise £5,399

All funds donated to Bloodwise UK

Lancs most notorious BNOC: Heat 4

The final set of heats are here…

Lancs most notorious BNOC: Heat 3

The third round is IN

Lancs most notorious BNOC: Heat 2

The noms are in x

Lancs most notorious BNOC: Heat 1

When three become one x

Nominate Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC

What would campus be without them…

Which Peep Show character is your Lancs college?

Heavy if you’re Dobby

Lancs student goes viral after sending housemates pass-agg survey on their bins

Every flat has beef over bins

Review of the Deli

Check out their hot new

Lancaster Vice Chancellor gets a £10k pay rise, putting him on £340k

Poor guy

Lancaster is GLOWING

‘It’s never sunny in Lancaster’

Here’s the winner of Lancaster’s Hottest Single

The votes are in

Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher: The results

The results are in!

Vote for Lancaster’s Hottest Single: The FINAL

The votes are in

Where to take your parents for food in Lancs

The hot spots to take your parents in Lancs

Lancaster’s Hottest Single: Heat three

Time for the third and final heat!

Lancaster’s Hottest Single: Heat two

Second round of some of Lancaster’s finest

Vote for Lancaster’s Hottest Single: Heat one

The nominations are in…

Vote for Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher: The final

Eight mad freshers have become two

Nominate Lancaster’s Hottest Single

Couples aren’t the only talking point this valentine’s day…

Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher: Semi Finals

It’s time for 4 crazy freshers’ to become 2…

Which Sex Education character is your college?

Netflix’s hottest show takes Lancaster

Which Lancs student bar are you?

The hottest quiz on campus

Vote for Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher: The second heat

Even more crazy freshers, but who will win?

Vote for Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher: Heat One

Who deserves the crown?

Lancaster University’s Rugby team have already raised nearly £5,000 for Movember

LURUFC place in the UK top 100 teams for Movember

Nominations are now open for Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher

Are you worthy of this classy title?

Which Lancaster cafe are you?

A lowdown on the best cafes in Lancaster

All Lancaster uni laundrettes closed as fire services investigate yesterday’s Furness fire

Lancaster Uni’s laundrettes closed after fire last night