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It’s that time of the week again where you’ve got endless decisions to make but none quite like these Cardiff Tab moments. Meet the third round of nominees for Cardiff’s BNOC 2020 – and don’t forget to vote below!

Claire McKane, Physiotherapy, First year

Instagram: clairemckane. She’s the one on the bottom right

Despite drinking her way through first year, Claire still is able to be hospitalised after 3/4 of a bottle of Echo Falls.
Claire has great commitment to both hockey and physio socials, as well as devoting all of her Wednesday and Saturday evenings to the Rugby boys of Cardiff. Therefore, safe to say, she has made an impact and deserves BNOC. She told The Cardiff Tab that being nominated has made her feel “amazed, speechless, and ecstatic.”

Best Cardiff Moment:
When Ireland beat Wales in the Six Nations

Most likely to be spotted at:
“After a short stint in rugby corner, you’ll find her sneaking off to the halls of a rugby scrum half.”

Go-to spot in Cardiff:
Lidl Bakery – the place that has all of our hearts.

Tom Salmon, Sport Development, Third year

Instagram: tom__salmon

Big and round, he’s the human equivalent of a Cookie Monster and Barnaby bear love-child.
Somehow managed to stay in the hockey 1st team despite being less than 6ft and well over 100kg. Chairman of the hockey society at Met, social butterfly and all round lovable character. Also apparently the perfect fat ratio for a cuddle. Tom said, “It’s a bit of a surprise to be nominated, but nevertheless it feels good.”

Best Cardiff Moment:
Varsity during his first year.

Most likely to be spotted at:
“Pizza Hut all you can eat buffet or soda. Up the Met.”

Go-to spot in Cardiff:
The Albany or The Ernest Willows

Harry Silkstone, History and Politics, First year.

Instagram: harrysilkstone

Harry was described as the type of person who “thinks he’s grunge because he listens to Slowthai.” and was nominated because his mates thought it “would be rude not to.” He told The Cardiff Tab that being nominated, “feels a bit weird, not going to lie. But then again, I’m not complaining.”

Cardiff Moment:
“Probably having security called because I was screaming Idles lyrics too loud in a Taly North courtyard.”

Most likely to be spotted at:
“Some indie coffee shop.”

Go-to spot in Cardiff:
“Has got to be Liveys even though their music is dreadful. I’m a sucker for power hour.”

James Jones, Law, First year

Instagram: jamesdewijones

James is a “pulling machine always down for a night out.” and was nominated because, according to his mates, “honestly it would make his year.” He agreed with his mates and said, “Being nominated has made my year. It’s an absolute honour and I’d like to thank whoever nominated me for the moral support in such testing times.”

Best Cardiff Moment:
“My best life moment:” Meeting John Barrowman, H from steps and his dance partner in Live Lounge.

Most likely to be spotted at:
Live Lounge.

Go-to spot in Cardiff:
“Live Lounge, or if I’m really looking to test the waters, I may venture into the ASSL.”


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