Vote for Cardiff’s BNOC of the year: Round Two

Cast your votes for round two!

You’ve made your decisions about the first four candidates and now it’s time to vote again! Here’s Round Two of Cardiff’s biggest BNOCs.

Gwern Llŷr, Human Geography, Third Year

Instagram: gwernllyr. The one in the blue – but you should know that

Gwern was described as “The society president and captain of the football team,” and “A top lad that can do with the publicity,” that comes with the title of being biggest BNOC in Cardiff. He told The Cardiff Tab, “I just feel like someone stitched me up big time.”

Best Cardiff moment:
South Africa course field trip.

Most likely to be spotted at:
Charity Shops looking for vintage garms.

Go-to place in Cardiff:
Pontcanna Fields.

Cesci Burgoyne, Nursing, Third Year

Instagram: cesciburgoyne

Cesci was described as “LAX LADS LASH”, whatever that means, and was nominated because “Everyone knows this boozy legend for her drunken antics, quick wit, and ‘give no fucks’ attitude.” When asked how being nominated made her feel, she said, “Being nominated is funny because absolutely no clue who nominated me!”

Best Cardiff Moment:
Every Wednesday night with all my pals!

Most Likely to be spotted at:
The Woody, the gym, or the SU – maybe we’ll have to vote on this one.

Go-to place in Cardiff:
The Mac.

Charlotte Towlson, History and Politics, First Year

Instagram: chartowlson

Charlotte was nominated because she is a legend who “can explain the life story of everyone who walks by,” – an impressive feat! She told The Cardiff Tab that being nominated, “Makes me feel on top of the world, haven’t been let loose since lockdown, ready to bring Cardiff my all for Round 2!”

Best Cardiff moment:
“After finishing my coursework, I went on a wild night out at the SU. I fell flat on my face, a guy I was getting with tried to help me up and I accidentally pushed his trousers down” Well, I mean, not the ideal location but if they were going to come off eventually…

Most likely to be spotted at: 
The SU food court.

Go-to place in Cardiff:
“After a nice round of causing trouble in Cardiff, I do love going to Fattoush, the SU or someone else’s fridge.”

Chiara Bianchi, Politics, First Year

Instagram: chiaravbianchi

Chiara has been described as “a liability” who “manages to get away with everything”. She told The Cardiff Tab she was “Quite surprised,” to be nominated, “I’ve never been nominated for anything before.”

Best Cardiff moment:
“Being let into Fattoush last minute before closing and ordering a stack of cheesy chips while my mate sang Fireflies by Owl City for the staff.”

Most likely to be spotted at:
The rugby corner in the SU

Go-to place in Cardiff:
“Probably the SU, especially on nights out.”