Amira Banaulikar
Psych undergrad at Cardiff Uni!

Locos has been closed down due to lack of social distancing measures

It will remain closed until ‘adequate measures are put in place’

Summer is here and with it, we’ve crowned Cardiff’s BNOC 2020

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Stop stressing about results and vote for Cardiff’s BNOC 2020: The Final Round

Meet our finalists from each round!

Vote for Cardiff’s biggest BNOC 2020: Round Three

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Vote for Cardiff’s BNOC of the year: Round Two

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Hundreds of people protest in Cardiff for Black Lives Matter

‘We will not be silenced’

Round One is here: Vote for Cardiff’s BNOC of the year

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Stop moaning about being stuck at home because at least you’re not isolating in halls

Feel like pure shit just want my mum back x

We know you miss your mates, so nominate them for Cardiff’s biggest BNOC 2020

‘You can’t make people love you’ – Gossip Girl

We asked freshers for their most rancid halls stories and they did not disappoint

Spoiler: most include piss

Believe it or not: I went out every night of the week and spent under £20

A post-isolation challenge for you

Some Cardiff University libraries will close on Friday until the end of term

Say bye to the Main Building Insta aesthetic

Stop moaning about strikes and vote for Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette

Can’t they all win?

Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette: Round 5

They’re all gorgeous.

Cardiff’s most eligible Bachelorette: Round four

Fit! Fit! Fit!

Cardiff’s most eligible Bachelorette: Round 3

This is getting bad for my confidence

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the fighters for Fight Night Part VII

It’s back for another instalment

Cardiff’s most eligible Bachelorette: Round two

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This post just called me ugly

Suited and booted: Fight Night’s Best Dressed 2019

Sophisticated AF

The up and coming Cardiff Uni societies that need more recognition

Their dedication and work is admirable

Clubbers of the week: Halloween style in Cardiff

Boris Johnson was in YOLO? What??

A Cardiff Uni building keeps getting evacuated​ for gas leaks

There have been multiple evacuations of the Julian Hodge building

Inside Aberdare Halls: Cardiff’s only all-female residence

Never have I ever met an Aberdare Halls fresher

Clubbers of the Week is back and you have not disappointed

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