We know you miss your mates, so nominate them for Cardiff’s biggest BNOC 2020

‘You can’t make people love you’ – Gossip Girl

Exam season is officially upon us despite everything the planet is currently going through which means it’s only fair we have another round of nominations (and excessively messaging the nominees on Instagram). We’ve already crowned our most eligible bachelor and bachelorette so that leaves us at the BNOCs of Cardiff.

They’re the people we all know, can’t go anywhere with them without stopping at least twice to talk to people we don’t know, they’ve been part of way too many societies, probably had a couple of Cardiff confessions about themselves, are super active on overheard, and practically live at the SU – for one reason or the other.

BNOCs (biggest names on campus) nominations are now open. So if this is the perfect title for you or your mate, click on the google document below and nominate away!

Feature image: Paper