‘Shopping trolley races to Asda’: We asked Sam Marshall Evans, running for President, some revealing questions

He wants to cut rent and install sleeping pods

Another day, another presidential candidate. Because no one actually cares about their policies, we’re giving you another chance to judge them by their exploits.

Sam Marshall Evans- Running for President

Sam: ‘Fire away!’

The Tab: So firstly, if you could just briefly (we know it’s hard!) sum up why your fellow peers should vote for you and what you wish to achieve

‘Sure, so I’ve worked as a member of the SU Democratic Procedures Committee for two years, meaning I’m involved directly with student government, particularly in holding officers to account and making sure the SU is as transparent and democratically run as possible. I’ve also been involved in several student campaigns, including campaigning for sleep pod bays to be introduced to Frenchay campus, something I’d like to roll out to all campuses, and Bristol Cut the Rent’s UWE Campaign, which I’m working on to try and get a better deal for students when it comes to accommodation.

‘In short, I’ve got the experience of being involved in student government a lot, the commitment to persevere with a campaign or idea that I’m passionate about, and the capability to accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

‘I have three main policies which are: Setting up a student-run accommodation agency at the SU to compete with private letting agencies, cut out agency fees and other hidden costs and provide an adequate source of good quality accommodation. Building sleep pod bays on the main campuses to give students the opportunity to catch a few Zs between lectures, maybe do some reading or studying or just relax for a bit.

‘Ensuring facilities and services are equally available across all campuses. This includes everything from working with UCU to create a more intuitive module review system to having SU shops open as late on the smaller campuses as they are on Frenchay. However, I look forward to students bringing me their issues and ideas so I can resolve them efficiently and definitively to the best of my ability. Sorry if that’s a bit extensive.’

So after a hard day campaigning, where would your go-to club be?

‘Ha well that’s a bit easier to answer. I would have to say either The Canteen in Stokes Croft or Mr Wolfs by St Nicks Market, although to be honest, I’m more of a bar person.’

And what would be your drink of choice if you had to drink one alcoholic drink for the rest of your life?

‘Hmmm, not much of a drinker but I think it’d have to be Old Bristolian.’

Is that because of the taste, or because it gets you sloshed for half the price?

‘The taste definitely!’

Doing uni the right way.

Could you tell us the craziest thing you’ve done at uni so far?

‘Hmmm, I’ve done a few shopping trolley races down to Asda during nights out, roller-skated down white ladies road in the middle of the night one time, how’s that?’

Very wild. If you had to take another candidate out on a dinner date, who would you choose and why?

‘Ha alright, I would say Sian Hampson, she’s a laugh and I know we’d have a fair bit to talk about, think I’d have a great night out, although there’s a non-candidate I would prefer to do that with if I had the opportunity.’

Is this my chance to play cupid? Who would that person be?!

‘I’m afraid not. Sorry to disappoint.’

Well maybe they’ll read the article and get the hint. Do you have an interesting fact about you that we wouldn’t learn from your manifesto?

‘Ah I know I’m gonna think of the perfect one a couple of hours after we’ve finished this interview, for now I’ll have to go with ‘I have a birthmark on my eyeball’, not sure how interesting that is.’

Hmmm… Tell us a joke!

‘So a priest, a rabbi, a monk, a cowboy, an astronaut and a diver all walk into a bar, and the barman turns around and exclaims “what is this, some kind of joke?”‘

…moving swiftly on! Finally, have you ever been kicked out of a club?

‘It’s better said aloud I think… and no, I’m usually running them.’

Was that another joke? We meant nightclub…

‘Apologies, thought I’d chuck another joke in there just in case. Not that I can remember…’

At least you tried!

Good effort mate.