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Bristol City Council install bollards in place of sheltered spot used by homeless people

The council say they’ve done this due to reports of antisocial behaviour

In a city renowned for its community conscious ethos, Bristol City Council have erected three bollards in place of a sheltered spot for homeless people.

The bollards are situated next to the pay station in Trenchard Street car park. Stephen, who spoke with Bristol 24/7, is now sat wedged in between these three blue bolted attempts to solve an "'issue". He said: "It's obviously not great, but at least they haven't put spikes on the floor".

Luckily most young people are aware enough to know that not all causes of homelessness are self-inflicted as this seems to not be the case for Stephen.

"I stopped earning so much money, so I ended up on the street. It's my first time. It's properly rough. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be sat here with a cup in front of me, asking for money from strangers."

He went on to explain how he'd been a resident in Bristol for five years and has been in care since the age of twelve and is now regularly in and out of hostels, reminding us how easily a person can be made homeless.

The response from the council, is that the purpose for the bollards is in following of "the sharp increase in the number of complaints of aggressive begging in those areas. Over the last two years we've had numerous reports of antisocial behaviour in the car park".

The council also argue: "Our outreach teams are working directly with those in the area who are known to the service to try and help them access support.”

This story comes after a tanning salon in Broadmead installed water sprinklers outside its shop to deter rough sleepers earlier this year.

The question this raises is whether this action is actually helping the problem or making it worse? The connotation of spikes and bollards is not supportive it's angry and repellent.