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UWE SU Education VP suspended pending investigation over alleged ‘unauthorised release’ of uni suicide figures

Ayrden Pocock is being investigated following leaked ‘confidential documents’ last November

The UWE SU Vice-President of Education has been temporarily suspended following a complaint over leaked student suicide figures.

University Vice-Chancellor Steve West had complained about several articles which accused him of lying about student suicide figures over the last eight years.

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UWE vice-chancellor Steve West

Ayrden Pocock has said he felt "victimized and bullied" since his suspension from the SU, and has said he could potentially lose his job.

Pocock said: "I believe that I am being personally targeted and victimised by the university directorate because of the embarrassing nature of what was released from the board papers."

This all began when another student at UWE who was elected to the academic board in October asked to see papers regarding facts and figures on student suicide at UWE. They were granted access to a copy of these files by a union manager, which were in Mr Pocock's possession.

A spokeswoman for UWE states that its directorate had written to the SU asking "how a confidential draft document…was accessed by students who were not academic board members at the time".

It looks at though UWE SU has yet to release an official statement regarding the suspension.

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