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The 71 bus service to Bower Ashton has been severely reduced and they won’t tell us why

An absolute liberty if I do say so myself

First Group have announced the 71 bus will only run between 7am to 8pm on weekdays, and completely stop the service over the weekends and public holidays.

For those who aren't aware (which I'm sure you are) the 71 is literally the only form of public transportation that goes to Bower Ashton campus.

In a statement released by First Group they explain: "The service will continue to provide an important link to and from UWE Bower Ashton Campus Monday to Friday daytime, however, there will be no service at other times. Customers can use Services X1, X3, X3A, X4, X6, X7, X8 and X9 from nearby stops for travel to and from UWE Bower Ashton Campus."

Many students at Bower Ashton Campus have been left completely unaware of the changes, which were announced on October 20th. There has been little to no record of communications with from First Group to the UWE campus, leaving staff and students in the dark about the new timetable.

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We reached out for some answers regarding the outrage:

Unfortunately we're yet to receive a valid response as to why these changes are being enforced despite the impact it will have on students (especially those who leave deadlines til the last min aka all of us).

More updates to follow as we receive them.