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Best Dressed: SUesday Halloween Special!

Some seriously spooky lewks were served


Last week saw the return of our beloved SUesday, for one Tuesday night only! Since it moved to Saturdays, things just haven't been the same. Who even still goes? However, last week everyone made sure to don their finest outfits, costume or not, for the anticipated return.

Online tickets had sold out and there was a queue for the most part of the night. Safe to say, it was a success.

We spotted some spookily satisfying looks that did not deserve to go unnoticed, so here's a roundup of our favourite outfits from the night!

Kate Dann, 1st year Graphic Design

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Very creative, obviously a Bower student

Kelvin Cheung, 3rd year Business

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Creds to his housemate

Hollie Rhodes, 2nd year Law

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Do u wanna play a game?

Tom Deighton, 1st year International Business

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Easter Bunny: Halloween Edition

Helena Beard, 3rd year Forensic Science

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I haven't been able to talk since this photograph was taken

Jack Templeton Horlock, Sociology

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Sophie Walsh, 3rd year Business & Accounting

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VK: part of a healthy cat lifestyle

Max Reid, 3rd year Politics & International Relations

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Pretty sure he had a twin somewhere

Dominic, 1st year Economics

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Guest act, Post Malone

What a spooky success. We came to source the best dressed, and we were most definitely not disappointed. Until next year!