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First Bus fares are increasing again, some by TWO whole pounds

They are robbing us blind

First Bus have announced changes to their bus fare prices as the "flat fare" has increased from £2 to £2.50 for all single journeys in the city.

The change was brough in on November 11th and is set to end the current issue where people travelling less than three miles would pay £2 in cash and people travelling more than three miles would pay £3.

First's aim is to persuade more and more customers to buy their tickets through their app "Mtickets" and to save queue times on the bus. It is surprising that First Bus have already forgotten about their phone app causing havoc to bus users at the beginning of September. With users reporting "connectivity issues" and "lagging time".

Let's reminisce on the good ol' days…does anyone remember that sick student deal where you would get five single bus tickets for £5? Well you can kiss that good bye as First Bus have now increased it to £7! Its like they don't make enough money as it is, am I right?

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Thieving money from the poor

Among the raging few who have already noticed the changes, Sam told The UWE Tab: "I swear First Bus don't even take into consideration that over half of their users are university students, most of which struggle to afford their services in the first place, and now with this change many of us will have to start thinking about alternative methods of transportation, it's such a joke and something needs to be done before they run this economy to the ground".

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We expected better

Another UWE student, Hannah, 20 told the Tab: "Quite frankly, I am not surprised that half of the students at UWE don't bother going in for their lectures/seminars when they can't even afford to catch a bus there. Nine times out of ten I will wait for either a 71 or 72 to uni and it will either not turn up or it will be packed to the brim with no space to even get on. I have in all honesty stopped going in since then and I recommend everyone else to do the same". Yes Hannah you tell them!