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Blue Mountain to close down in February

Where else are we gonna go to be edgy af?

Blue Mountain, a 26-year-old institution of the Bristol clubbing scene, will be closing down in February 2019. Reportedly sold on Zoopla for £950,000, the club is to make way for new accommodation.

This news comes just two months after the managers at Lakota revealed that their nightclub could also be converted into flats.

The Blue Mountain team issued a statement on Facebook regarding the club’s closure: "Due to the ever expanding demand in our beautiful city, The Blue Mountain is making way for redevelopment alongside some good neighbours in Stokes Croft and regardless of which side of the gentrification debate you take, we’re going out with a bang with some really special events."

While there is admittedly, an increasing demand for housing in Bristol, many have been left feeling that the cultural heart of city is under threat.

Luci Machado, a second year Philosophy student at the University of Bristol said: "I think it’s outrageous that this establishment, so integral to Bristol’s music scene, is closing. I just don’t know where I’ll get the same sick nights on a weekday anywhere else."

Rosie Allkins, a second year archaeologist, told The Bristol Tab: "Shocked. Shocked to my core, is all I can say. Ever since I saw those halcyon lights on my open day, I knew Blue mountain was the club, and Bristol was the place for me."

Both Luci and Rosie were distraught when they heard the news, but luckily there was an untouched supply of student newspapers in the ASS library which they utilised to mop up their floods of tears (you've got to get some use out of them). Unfortunately, the sight of the tedious publication only made them upset.

It’s safe to say, that many at Bristol will share their dismay.