Freshers’ Week will take place in-person for first time in two years, Bristol SU confirm

The two week programme includes a series of club nights as well as in-person Freshers’ Fair

Bristol Uni professor tells the nation he loves Ibiza and festivals live on TV

‘I love Ibiza and I should be there at a festival this year which didn’t take place; I hope to be there next year’

Digs is demanding students pay extra rent as they self-isolate beyond end of tenancy

Bristol SU has called letting agencies and landlords ‘disgraceful’

One in five Bristol students say they are self-isolating right now from Covid-19

The poll also found 70% said they knew another Bristol Uni student currently positive with Covid-19

All Bristol Uni students can now book their Covid-19 vaccine and here’s how to do it

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived

Here are all the best moments and highlights from FUZE 2021 show ‘Utopia’

No fast fashion in sight, just good vibes

REVEALED: What the Colston statue looks like a year after protesters dumped in harbour

The Colston statue goes on display at M Shed from Friday 4th June

Israeli flag burnt as Pro-Palestine protestors blockade Whiteladies and Park Street

Approximately 50 cars blocked traffic on Whiteladies where an Israeli flag was set alight before moving down to Park Street

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Durham Uni fashion show apologise after FUZE accuse them of ‘brand identity theft’

FUZE Bristol said ‘the team at Durham University show a lack of innovation and a disregard for creative integrity’

Graffitied Colston statue to go on display in Bristol museum next week

The temporary exhibition opens at M Shed alongside a survey asking Bristol citizens’ views on the future of the slave-trader’s statue

Bristol Uni student who helped send over 100 Christmas cards to elderly wins award

‘Gathering 150 personalised messages was tricky with Covid restrictions, but the overwhelmingly positive response from students was incredibly heart-warming’

Bristol Uni: ‘No student will be disadvantaged’ by exam failure after student protest

University apologise following online exam failure one student described as ‘a complete and utter shitshow’

Bristol Uni students unable to take final year exams as online university goes offline

‘My exams this week are worth 90 per cent of my final year marks…I expected nothing else from the uni’

We visited the new and improved Senate House and it was well worth the wait

The new study space and food hall opens on Monday and there’s no need to book

Meet the Bristol Uni student who wrote her dissertation on Taylor Swift

Her lecturers were worried her diss would just be ‘10,000 words of me singing her praises’

Tributes paid as police formally identify body as Bristol Uni student Olisa Odukwe

‘We will remember the brilliant young man who is no longer with us’