Student who couldn’t read until age 13 graduates from Bristol with top honours

He is now studying a PhD at the University of California

Bristol Uni confirms re-opening of outdoor sports venues in March

You might finally be able to play in the kit you paid for at the start of the year

Miller antisemitism ‘legitimised’ by Bristol Uni, says Rachel Riley at JSoc rally

The live stream was watched live by over 1,000 people on Facebook and Twitter

Countdown’s Rachel Riley to speak at JSoc rally protesting Bristol Uni’s David Miller

David Miller has been accused of targeting Jewish students

Some practical courses could return to in-person teaching, says Bristol Uni update

Online teaching will continue for the majority of students

MPs tell Bristol it is giving ‘green light to anti-Jewish incitement’

‘Professor David Miller has in our opinion been inciting hatred against Jewish students on your campus.’

Bristol Law lecturer under fire from Bristol Islamic Society over ‘Islamophobic’ remarks

They claim Professor Steven Greer used the Charlie Hebdo massacre as ‘evidence of Islam’s stance on freedom of speech’

Bristol Uni ‘does not endorse’ David Miller’s comments about Jewish students

‘We are proud of our students for their independence and individual contributions to the University and wider society.’

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Leading Jewish organisation slams Bristol Uni for ‘continued employment’ of David Miller

The Professor has said that Zionism is a ‘racist, violent, imperialist ideology premised on ethnic cleansing’

‘Anti-Semitism is unacceptable’: Bristol SU back JSoc after comments made by lecturer

Professor David Miller’s comments led to the JSoc president being ‘targeted for abuse online’

Bristol Uni Free Speech Society founder quits, citing lack of free speech

Posen says the society are hesitant on the side of ‘increasing free speech and viewpoint diversity’

‘Raves aren’t anti-lockdown, they’re anti-capitalism’, says teen fined for Yate rave

‘I’ve had so many of my friends seriously ill through the modern way of life – raves are a way to respect them’

Two Bristol Uni grads have become the youngest women to row the Atlantic

They also raised £13,000 for charity

‘Alex Rider’ season two is being filmed at Goldney Hall

Commotion and cameras everywhere!

Here are all the events CoppaFeel! Bristol are holding this February

16 societies are already involved with raising money and awareness for breast cancer

Over 40 fines were issued for parties across Bristol last weekend

Two of the reported parties were in Redland, and one on Tyndalls Park Road