Bristol student is banned from eduroam for illegally downloading Chicken Run

In the middle of exam season

Colston Hall to be renamed because of its ‘offensive’ slave trade links

Bristol Music Trust want to rid the venue of ‘toxic’ branding

Bristol students have launched a campaign to rename the Wills memorial building over its links to slavery

It is named after Henry Overton Wills III, who financed the uni with ‘slave-profited money’

This student wrote his dissertation on Quidditch

Feast your eyes on this muggles

Fuze sells out both nights, with only Sunday matinee tickets remaining

Sunday Matinee tickets are now 20% off with the code ‘FUNKYSUNDAY’

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‘One person was stabbed 17 times’: More details of the fight on the Triangle last Friday

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These Bristol students took their letting agent to court and won £800

‘I got handed the cheque while still in my dressing gown by the owner of DIGS’

Bristol students accused of blacking up for promotional fancy dress house party

The students have denied the accusations

We can’t ignore racism at university. These stories prove it’s alive and well

‘They’d say ‘Typical Chinks’ – this is the racism I have to live with’

‘They started making monkey noises’: Three Bristol students on being victims of racism at uni

‘Racism pure and simple’

‘Bristol University is sweeping student mental health problems under the rug’

Two previous Senior Residents speak out

We tried the crazy new technology that scans your face and tells you what to eat

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The new £300 million Bristol Uni campus will be next to Temple Meads Station

Ain’t that a bit far

Bristol University spends £32 a year on counselling for each student

A worrying figure

There’s a rumour that Francis Boulle from Made in Chelsea is DJing at Churchill Hall this Friday

Oh yahhh