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A student volunteer team has been trained to help support mental health at Bristol Uni

‘Ted’s Friends’ will use sport to foster a community spirit and aid student wellbeing

Bristol Uni U-turns on threat to take unpaid rent out of bursaries

It would have impacted mainly students from disadvantaged backgrounds

Bristol Uni threatens to take unpaid rent out of student bursaries

This is due to unpaid rent because of the rent strike

Bristol students warned of ‘dangerous batch of ketamine’ going round the South West

Ketamine is now being investigated as a contributing factor to two recent deaths

Bristol Uni confirms students will be mass tested for coronavirus

The university is planning to roll out mass testing from November 30th

Bristol Uni offers rent strikers 10 day discount – but only if they pay up

Over 1,200 students have been withholding £1 million in rent

In Pictures: Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest in Bristol City Centre

‘Fear is the currency of control’

A large anti-lockdown protest was underway in Bristol City Centre

Arrests were made, including Piers Corbyn