Honor Butler

Features Editor

Honor Butler
Bristol University

University of Bristol, student lifestyle, theatre, recommendations, student trends, food and drink, events on and off campus, budgeting

  • Honor Butler is the features editor at The Bristol Tab, joining the team in September 2023
  • Honor enjoys writing guides on how to thrive as a uni student, with tips and tricks on budgeting and information on what Bristol has to offer for students or visiting family and friends. She also loves writing witty features pieces on student life
  • In her free time Honor enjoys watching plays and musicals, acting, hosting friends, and travelling


Honor joined The Bristol Tab at the start of her second year to gain experience in writing articles, primarily working on guides and features. With a desire to work in journalism, she has progressed to be features editor and is very excited to take on this editorial role


Honor is a second year English Literature and Theatre student at the University of Bristol, combining studies on theatrical practices with critical exploration of literature


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