Exclusive: Piers Morgan’s son is going to Bristol Uni

He says he’s considering Oxbridge though

A Bristol Chemistry student has died

The undergraduate was 20

UoB contacted 36 parents to warn of suicide risk last year, as part of new scheme

The university are ‘hoping to pick up students in difficulty at an earlier stage’

Bristol student graduates two years after her mum and brother were tragically murdered

‘To graduate with my friends today has been very emotional’

Terrified students call police as coach driver uses phone and leaves door open

‘The coach door was pretty open on the M4 for a good five miles’

Police launch extra patrols to tackle your lit end-of-year parties

The Noise Pages are also targeting day parties

Lewis Capaldi was getting the pints in at Mbargo on Monday

And you missed him because you were ‘revising’

Parents of Natasha Abrahart to sue Bristol University over daughter’s suicide

‘Bristol are not listening to us. They do not accept that there is a problem’

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


UoB introduces new unit in happiness which could count towards your degree

Exercises include sleeping more and random acts of kindness

UoB ranks in the bottom 25 unis in the UK for Student Satisfaction, according to 2020 league tables

The survey was conducted by The Complete University Guide 2020

The Rent Strikers have forced UoB to make 400 rooms cheaper

But the strike is set to continue

UoB places in top five unis for the largest imbalance between students from richest and poorest areas

The percentage of students from privileged backgrounds is one of the highest in the country

Students petition for UoB to adopt a Zero Suicides Pledge

‘Losing a student is an extremely heart-breaking experience for all of us and this needs to stop’

Bristol students petition for future BME officer to resign after making anti-Semitic comments

The petition already has over 250 signatures since being created this morning

Bristol students go on ‘rent strike’ and deny uni £100k in rent

Organisers say their action will cost UoB over £100k in withheld rent

Bristol kicked student out by email and letter weeks before he died by suicide

He was in contact with 30 uni staff before his death