Reuben Nash

Students slaughter baby fox on a UWE campus

A cat and a badger were also killed

UWE’s BNOC 2017 nominations are now open

I didn’t have to say their name, but you started thinking about them

Ballpool parties, Arcadia and karaoke: All the best things going on at Love Saves the Day this year

It’s not just music

Missing UWE nurse found ‘safe and well’ after disappearance

She walked into a police station yesterday

UWE student missing for over a week

She was on placement at Southmead Hospital

Every festival in the South West you’ll want to get tickets for this summer

We’ve got the best line ups

‘I’ve seen worse injuries in training’: UWE men’s water polo team talk exclusively about the violence at Varsity

The president says water polo is simply a very physical game

We spoke to the UWE rugby team about the violence and chants at varsity

‘We do not want varsity to be tarnished with a bad reputation of fighting and aggression’

Second disqualified SU candidate is believed to be Allen Yan

Two sources have told us it was Yan, who was running for VP Societies and Communication

‘Shopping trolley races to Asda’: We asked Sam Marshall Evans, running for President, some revealing questions

He wants to cut rent and install sleeping pods

No one is running for LGBT or Black Minority Ethnic Officer in UWE’s SU elections

This is a shambles

Ahmd Emara is using Tinder for his presidential campaign

Swipe left if you don’t care about the SU elections

Bristol has been named the best place to live in the UK

We’re not hugely surprised

Idris Elba is going to be DJing at Motion on 9th April

It’s his Bristol debut

The Tab UWE is looking for new writers

We’re recruiting

A DJ from Bristol is petitioning the UN to ‘ban tech house’

Not all heroes wear capes

This is your favourite area of Bristol

Bristol has spoken

Avon and Somerset Police have made a really creepy video where they’ve reconstructed teen nudes

We get the message but wow

45 percent of UWE students take ketamine

What would your mothers say?

UWE’s Maddest Fresher: the sixth nominee

Our second girl

UWE’s Maddest Fresher: the fifth nominee

It only gets worse

UWE’s Maddest Fresher: the fourth nominee

Our first girl

I went to see 50 Shades Darker on my own this Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t even the only one

Just the one ticket please

UWE’s Maddest Fresher: the third nominee

It gets more mental by the day

There’s a puppy petting day coming to the SU

What more could you want

Which Bristol club are you?

We can’t all be Lakota

‘Bristol’s Geordie Shore’ email address is overrun with applications, obviously

They’ve had to make a second one

We’re looking for UWE’s maddest fresher

Stop what you’re doing

Hold onto your Red Stripe: Apparently it’s going to snow in Bristol this week

You’ll need that Canada Goose after all

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: the Results

The moment you’ve all been waiting for

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelor: the Results

Forget Christmas, this is the high point of the festive period.

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: the Final

Here it is

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelor: the Final

This changes everything.

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelorette Round 4

It’s the final round

We need more Bachelorettes

Nominate your friends

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round 4

Here it is

UWE’s most eligible bachelorette round 3

It’s the final countdown

UWE’s most eligible bachelor round 3

It’s the final countdown

UWE’s most eligible bachelorette round 2

The competition is hotting up

RESULTS: UWE’s Bachelor and Bachelorette group one

Your votes have been counted

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round two

Ladies and gents, form an orderly queue

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: Round one

Here come the girls

UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round one

Let the games begin

We’re looking for UWE’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Nominate your mates

UWE or UoB: Which one do you really belong at?

Take our quiz to find out

UWE ski trip price goes up £35 because of Brexit

Blame UKIP

Best dressed at the Cabot Circus Student Sessions

These guys have style

What’s on at the Cabot Circus Student Sessions

Expect up to 40 per cent off all the best brands

Wheelchair-bound student stands for first time in five years to receive his degree

‘I had done it. I prayed and said ‘thank you, thank you’’

UWE close the gap on Bristol in new rankings

The Complete University Guide rankings are in

UWE beats Oxbridge in latest uni rankings

We finished two places ahead of Cambridge

UWE’s summer ball costs twice as much as University of Bristol’s

It’s being held at the SU

The South will always be more fun than the North

You’re not that gritty

UWE second year wins a brand-new Maserati and £10,000

Before this, the most he’d ever won was a Walkers Crisps competition

SU Tuesday to be opened to University of Bristol Students

Is nothing sacred any more?

I don’t get the Motion hype

It’s the SWX of underground

There’s a free Valentine’s Day party in Bristol

A singleton’s dream

Which big bag of cans is your uni?

We can’t all be Red Stripe

UWE Lawyers help overturn decisions by the Department of Work and Pensions

They’ve overturned 95 per cent of ‘Fit To Work’ rulings, allowing people to keep their benefits

How to survive a UoB house party, by a UWE veteran

Bring your rolling kit and best deep chat

Bizarre myUWE error message uses ‘ISIS’ acronym for Student Record System

The message appeared on deadline day

SU Tuesday used to be wonderfully bad but now it’s just terrible

Take me back to F Block

Dear Colston Hall students: Here’s how to use a pan properly

An instructional guide from the good people of UWE

Thekla is hosting an alternative freshers fair at the end of the month

Probably the only nightclub in Bristol which is also a boat

Three teenagers trap themselves in abandoned mine for seven hours

‘I was unable to move or control my breathing’

Unsuccessful elections candidate accuses SU President of influencing voters

£18k a year Union official denies it was wrong for him to back several candidates publicly

We asked girls if they think UWE has a ‘lad culture’ problem

Depressingly, they’ve all been groped on nights out