There’s a petition to make students exempt from paying for a TV licence

It’s got over 15,000 signatures

A petition started last week to make students exempt from paying for a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer is gathering pace.

Launched by Loughborough student Calypso Rubinstein Keightley, it’s opposing proposed legislation which would mean you need a TV license to watch BBC iPlayer. The petition was started a week ago and already has over 15,000 signatures.

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If the legislation is to be put in place it will affect freshers living on campus who until now, can watch iPlayer online without needing a TV license. This will also affect those living off campus as each student will have to pay for an individual TV license rather than splitting the cost between housemates.

The petition states that:

“Today’s students will leave University with an average debt of about £45,000. A TV licence would add £436.50 during a 3 year course, adding yet more debt to an already unaffordable education.

“BBC iPlayer provides not only a range of hugely popular programmes for entertainment but is also a valuable educational resource, essential for many students.”

The petition which has been addressed to Culture Secretary John Whittingdale and has the backing of Labour MP Liz McInnes.