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These were the best Cov Uni cosplayers at Birmingham Comic Con

Because what else would you spend your maintenance loan on?


This weekend it was the annual Birmingham Comic Con, attracting video game, anime, manga and film fanatics from all over the Midlands and beyond.

A main staple of all conventions are the cosplayers: the people who dress as their favourite characters in media, both obscure and mainstream, who often build their expensive outfits from scratch as a labour of love for their character.

The Tab Coventry had the opportunity to speak to the best cosplayers from Coventry University about their costumes…

Lydd, Fourth year, Product Design

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Oscar from Rose of Versailles

"Cosplay for me helps me with my course as it gets me used to working in 3D, it shows me how different materials work and helps with translating a picture into a physical functional product. I get to design how the pieces go together in real life and how they work when it may not work in the physical world."

Lydd won the coveted MCM Birmingham Masquerade Best Costume award. Massive congratulations to her and big up Cov Uni.

Matt, Second year, Media Production

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McCree from Overwatch

"I like cowboys, haha. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of opportunities to cosplay in Coventry other than the occasional convention at Fargo. Even then we only heard about it on the day of.

For this outfit I spent about £150. I don't mind spending that amount of money on something if it the outcome is something you want it to be. If you enjoy doing it, it doesn't faze you.'

John, Second year, Theatre

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The Medic from Team Fortress 2

"I chose Team Fortress 2's Medic because I needed a character who I find enjoyable but one which also has a relatively easy costume. The thing about cosplay is that it is a costly and time-consuming craft. So getting into it as a first-time cosplayer I wanted to put my hands on creating someone I know I like.

Doing theatre has helped me understand the slight nuances of a character's voice, personality, or habits all make that them seem far more real. Also, being able to pull off the accent of an angry, insane German doctor always helps!"

Chris, Second year, Business Management

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Chris (centre) is Anbu from Naruto

"Me and my mates all watch Naruto and love the series. The Anbu were the most badass and incredible ninjas in the entire show. Dressing not just as one of those but an entire squad was even better. Everyone else at Comic Con seemed to like us too."

Steven, Second year, Media Production

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Symmetra from Overwatch

"I spent roughly £300 on this costume, hahah. How often I typically cosplay at uni depends on how many conventions nearby or if we fancy doing a short film as part of our course.

Cosplay absolutely helps me with my course as I can incorporate it into my projects with short films. It's also handy for a night out that requires a form of dress up."