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All the things I wish someone had told me before Freshers’ Week at Coventry

Learn from my mistakes please


Freshers' Week is full of bad decisions, hangovers and awkward interactions with your new housemates. It's a total mess, but it will shape you into the uni student you were always meant to be.

But forget about how many pots and pans you need to bring for a second, because we're about to hit you with the real advice. Here's everything you need to know to avoid the many, many rookie mistakes of a Coventry fresher.

Do your research before you get here

Do not ever buy the overpriced freshers' wristband. Instead, do yourself a favour and find out which clubs are worth your time – and if you can't figure that out on your own, I'm sorry but you're not ready for uni yet.

Once you're a seasoned Coventry student you'll know all the right nights for each club, but in Freshers' week there's something on every night – so you don't need to worry about that just yet.

Don't judge an event by its cover

Seriously, even a "Wild West Party" at JJ's can be the best night of your life (if you down a sufficient amount of vodka beforehand).

That being said, the events sold on Facebook as "THE biggest night out this Freshers' week" might not actually end up being the best night out of your life. So, accept that there will be shit events and not so shit events – just go ahead and give it all a go.

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PLEASE do not sleep with one of your flatmates

The cardinal rule of Freshers. We've all been there – you turn up to uni, meet your flatmates and can't help but notice that Ollie from room C is kinda fit. Actually… really fit.

You will inevitably hook up before Freshers' Week is over and spend the rest of first year awkwardly avoiding each other's eyes in the kitchen. Try to NOT do this.

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Make sure to get your timetable and figure out where all the uni buildings are

Otherwise you're going to end up desperately running around Cov on Monday after Freshers' with a week's worth of alcohol still running through your blood and absolutely NO CLUE what or where your first lecture is.

Graham Sutherland, who? The Hub, what? You need to know this. Google Maps is your best friend – use it.

Make friends with EVERYONE you meet

It's an essential part of Freshers' Week. Really it's the MOST essential part. You never know who you'll end up being super close to, so make friends with everyone – just to be safe.

Plus, the fact that you'll probably be drunk every evening will definitely take out all the stress out of meeting new people, so don't worry.

Eat real food every once in a while

A diet consisting solely of Kebab Rush meal deals and jägerbombs (with the occasional free Domino's) doesn't exactly do much for your health.

Do us all a favour and learn how to cook some spag bol. You'll need to keep your strength up when the Freshers' flu inevitably hits.

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Bring your school uniform (and other fancy dress)

Trust me, you'll be needing it at some point – probably for a themed night at Kasbah. And you really don't want to waste precious Deliveroo and tequila money on a shitty costume for a fancy dress night.

Plus, you might never get a chance to wear it again after uni (you know, once you become an actual adult), so why not use this opportunity?

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Don't let anyone pressure you into anything

As in, if you rarely ever drank back home and all of a sudden your flatmate James wants you to down half a bottle of Smirnoff like it's nobody's business, don't listen to him. Otherwise chances are you're going to end up blacking out in the taxi halfway to Kasbah and no one wants that.

Give yourself a budget and do whatever it takes to stick to it

Honestly, if you waste all of your student loan in the first week, I can't help you.

Set yourself limits for weekly shops, nights out and other expenses. And be grateful that you don't have to worry about bills for at least a year.


This is a unique opportunity to get trashy drunk 24/7 without needing to regret it the next morning when you're sitting in your 9am with the mother of all hangovers, don't waste it!

When you look back on this week it's all going to be a blur anyway – but hopefully a fun one. So remember what we said, and don't spend all your student loan or pass out because you've been living off Pot Noodles. Thank us later.