Amirah Quiday

Amirah Quiday
Coventry University


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The Phoenix pub in Coventry reopens

A brand new refurb coming in hot

Police called after 20-year-old stabbed at Godiva Place

They broke into the building to demand a watch

Fire engines called to Liberty Point after fresher leaves pan unattended

The fire department and police were called to the scene

The ‘Fake Fake Taxi’ is still driving around Cov and he has more stickers

One says: ‘Louder than your girlfriend last night’

We tracked down the Law student posing as ‘Fake Taxi’ in Coventry to find out what he’s trying to do

The university issued a warning telling students not to get in his car

Asylum seeker allowed to study at Coventry after three years of apealling

The Home Office have finally granted his appeal

A man has died by suicide near the Transport Museum

Pedestrians are being directed to use an alternative route

‘Fake Taxis’ have been spotted driving around Coventry this week

Apparently they’re ‘sponsored by Durex’

There is a petition to help an asylum seeker attend Coventry University

It’s been signed by over 160,000 people

There were a load of dogs in the Lanchester Library today, here’s why

Puppers are essential for your mental health

#CovUniShame: Lecturers protest outside Graham Sutherland building on Graduation Day

Staff are rallying against sham union called ‘Staff Consultative Group’

Here is a detailed guide of how to have the absolute WORST night out in Cov

This is all the shit you shouldn’t do

36 things you should under no circumstances do at Coventry University

If you sleep with a Warwick student you’re banished, sorry

‘Does anyone wanna get Deliveroo?’: the harsh reality of student kitchens

Shout out to the flat chef

A Coventry club night thought it was a good idea to do a ‘Chris Brown vs Rihanna’ event

They’ve since rebranded the night

Every single person you’ll live with in your Coventry University halls

Including the ghost flatmate who you’ve literally seen once

Coventry’s most eligible bachelor nomination 2017: Caleb Herbert

Hey baby, weed look good together

We spoke to the beardy Coventry boys taking part in Movember this year

The month where not trimming your face bush is actually for a good cause

I live in Gosford Gate and I’m not a posh wanker

I’m not paying £6000 a year for a bad reputation

BOO! Here’s every Halloween event you should go to in Cov this weekend

Halloween might not be until Tuesday but these nights out can count as pres