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Asylum seeker allowed to study at Coventry after three years of apealling

The Home Office have finally granted his appeal

Amin Khoshkhoo has officially been granted his claim as a refugee after months trying to convince the Home Office to let him stay in the UK.

The 21-year-old's story follows his ordeal of appealing to the Home Office for his right to stay in the UK, even though the rest of his family have already approved.

As an asylum seeker, Amin would not have been able to work, study or drive unless his status were renewed and would have faced the possibility of being forced to seek asylum elsewhere.

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Since his initial appeal, he managed to contact his MP Emma Reynolds who has advocated his right to remain and has gained more than 180,000 supporters to sign his petition.

On the 26th November Amin updated his followers with a post saying that he had received a letter from the Home Office inviting him for an interview.

He later confirmed more good news on the 29th by uploading his letter on stating his asylum status has been renewed for another five years.

Amin told Buzzfeed: “I’m free now; I can get a job, I can study. I still can’t believe it. I woke up this morning thinking, Is this real? My mum was in tears, she was really happy for me. I don’t think she can believe it either”.

It has taken him three years to get his case approved by the Home Office and is one of many young adults who face the same situation.

Amin is looking forward to study medical sciences and Pharmacology as a late deferral in January 2019.