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These were the best dressed Cov Uni students this Halloween

And no, none of them were dressed as Harley Quinn


You walk into Kasbah and you see two sexy cats and a devil in a fight over someone's boyfriend. You enter Kebab Rush and Shrek is tucking into his cheesy chips. And on your walk home you see Pennywise the Clown passed out on the pavement of Gosford Street.

This is Halloween in Coventry. And this is a display of the finest, freakiest and fiercest costumes on show this year.

Tim, First Year, Psychology

"I went for the snake look because I think it is highly relevant in this day and age."

Emma, Second Year, Photography and Muhammad, Second Year, Economics

Emma: "Any excuse to wear these fabulous shorts."

Muhammad: "I wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest vines. It's Wednesday my dudes."

Isaac, Second Year, Journalism

"I'm actually worried I won't get into JJ's now!"

Dani, Second Year, Economics

"Stay at home kids #purge."

Random man dressed as Trump, course and year unknown

"Make JJ's great again."

Jamie, Second Year, Journalism and Sam, Second Year, Journalism 

"We went as our favourite Lionels."

Shona, Second Year, Journalism

"Get out me swamp!"

Maddy, Second Year, Economics

"I did a poll on my Instagram story so people could vote whether I should go as Barb from Stranger Things or 'sexy Pennywise'. The results were overwhelmingly in Pennywise's favour so here I am. #justiceforbarb."