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We reviewed the best and worst places to take your date in Coventry this Valentine’s Day

Aka how not to fuck up this Valentine’s Day

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It's that time of the year again. Valentine's Day is almost here and you're either: a) looking forward to spending the day with your loved one, b) frantically swiping right on every single Tinder profile with slightly desperate hopes of finding someone, or c) eating copious amounts of junk food in bed and “ironically” watching trashy rom-coms.

If you're lucky enough to actually have a date this year, you've come to the right place. In the name of love, we've spent way too much money testing out Coventry's various student hotspots so you don't have to.

PS: According to science, there's a 98 per cent chance of you getting laid this Valentine's Day if you follow this guide, apparently.

BEST: Las Iguanas

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Golden Porn Star Martinis > life itself

This is a super obvious one, but in case you didn't know: Las Iguanas is conveniently located in the city centre, serves super delicious food and is actually not all that expensive – if you take into the consideration their 2-for-1 cocktails deal.

That's right folks: 2-for-1 drinks, all day, every day. If that doesn't convince you, nothing will.

WORST: Kebab Rush

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@ Kebab Rush hi please make me your brand ambassador

Although overall an amazing place with THE BEST post-clubbing snacks, K Rush is a big no this V-Day. Your date will laugh if you suggest K Rush. Then once they work out that you're serious, they'll leave you immediately.

Any other day, after you drunkenly stumble out of Empire, though? Go for it. Just don't fall down the unnecessarily steep Pizza Rush stairs on your way out – that's not hot

BEST: Spoons

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100% pure bliss

There's three different Wetherspoons in Cov and they all have that lovely Ye Olde English pub feel and a soundtrack of high spirited Cov locals. Food is cheap, drinks are cheap. Your date probably won't hear a word of what you're saying, so there's almost no chance of fucking up on the conversation front.

Nothing ever changes here, you get exactly what you came in expecting. If you want to avoid Valentine's Day stress, opt for Spoons for a combination of comfort food and a great homely vibe. Your date might judge you a little, but if they're the one then they will always be down for spoons.

WORST: Quids Inn

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It's only enjoyable after you've had five double G&Ts

Believe it or not, people have been asked out on dates to Quids – why anyone would have such a ridiculous idea will forever remain a mystery.

When to go to Quids: Wednesday night when you and your society are looking to get 10/10 trashed chasing vodka shots or pints of Karlsberg with stale nachos.

When NOT to go to Quids: any other time tbh.

BEST: Procaffeinate, Leamington Spa

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Despite technically not being in Coventry, Procaffeinate is 100% worth the only slightly agonising bus ride to Leamington. A genuinely lovely coffee shop that also serves cocktails when night falls, it's the best place for a romantic evening with someone you really like. Also it has really good lighting for optimal sexy vibes and Insta opportunites.

Plus, unlike good old Cov, Leamington Spa has actual nice buildings and not just grey slabs of mouldy concrete that are about to fall apart. Nice for a romantic stroll, if your date wants to brave the sub zero temperatures.

WORST: Clubbing

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Smiling through the pain @ Kasbah

One of the most important things in a relationship is definitely the ability to get drunk and go clubbing together. However, if you're planning a special date, the general rule is to leave out any place that involves Jägerbombs and countless groups of sweaty boys always trying to grind on you/your girlfriend.

If they suggest Empire this Valentine's Day, maybe you should just dump them there and then.