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If Coventry uni halls had Tinder bios for some strange reason, this is what they would be

Swiping left to avoid the Callice roadmen


Every Cov Uni halls has its stereotype, from the loners in Quadrant to the sesh loving Erasmus students in Singer, you can't escape these people in your halls of residence.

But what would it look like if, for some strange unknown reason, these halls all had Tinder? We know you've probably been thinking about it endlessly, but you can rest now because we've done the hard work for you.

Priory Hall, 20, Leicester

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Find me at Castle Grounds on a Wednesday night, and in your bed on a Thursday morning. Rugby Union is the only way forward. Don't mistake me for that RL shit. ? Sports science student ?

I'm always up for a scrum ? sc: eggchaser1998

Singer Hall, 20, Paris

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Do you have any French in you? No? … Would you like some?

Erasmus Student, studying Business and Management. Cov-> FR-> USA ? ✈️

"Collect moments, not things" ? ?

Callice Court, 20

6ft2" Girl dem, you lot can stay. ? LDN-COV ? Empire rep

Looking for a girl that respects my North Face puffer jacket ngl

This year mans tryna get cheques, before that I'm tryna get a likkle respect ✔️

Liberty Point, 21, Liverpool

It's always 420 somewhere, right? ?? Journalism student

Girl what kind of grinder do you use? Because you're extra fine.

Gosford Gate, 19, Surrey

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On here for a laugh. No. 4 ranked table tennis pro. Daddy's girl. ? Geographer ?

Interests include travelling, brunching and shopping. Ask me about my gap yah?️? Bella Hadid is my role model ?

Quadrant, 20, 6289km away

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Close to the station, so I can drop you off on your way out the morning after.

I'm a bit mysterious and scary but I swear I actually do have friends ?

sc: lonelyboy97

Millennium, 18, Exeter

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Fresher, Psychology Student?‍? Catch me using some reverse psychology to get you back to my overpriced, flooded room.??

Haha jk, totally just on here for a confidence boost. ?? Add me on sc!

Cycle Works, 18, Birmingham

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I'm harder to get into than a maximum security prison. I love a good laugh and an even better night out at Kasbah, I'm a rep so message for cheap tix. Studying marketing ?

Catch me on a Kinky Fridays x ??