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Coventry’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nominee: Scott Jones

‘I have a rich father’

Our first nominee for the highly anticipated Coventry bachelor competition is none other than Scott Jones. Scott is a "caramel catch" for all you single ladies out there looking for a posh prince to replace all the Cov frogs.

Scott is a 2nd-year journalism student – and if you haven't already heard, single journos have quite the rep of being party animals, certain to spice up your life.

The self-proclaimed "1 per cent of half-Asians who are ripped as fuck" has many talents, including singing, playing the guitar (see picture below for proof) and being "incredibly good looking" with a "semi-decent personality"! What more could you want?

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The picture crops out all the lovestruck fans

If this hasn't tempted you yet, the southern singer isn't shy about lifting a few weights either. With his dedication to the gym and the sesh, you'll have to be one special lady for Scott to fit in a personal tour of Coventry for you with his busy life.

Whether you're a budding gym shark or a proud gym-phobe, you couldn't turn down a romantic stroll, or in Scott's case a light run, on the beach with him!

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Maybe you two could go ABseiling together?

Does he have any party tricks, you ask? Good question!

Besides being a social butterfly, the journo can speak basic Spanish to the ladies and down a whole bottle of voddy on demand! Impressive, although also a little bit worrying.

All you single señoritas better turn up to the date with a bottle of Grey Goose to see the crowd-pleasing trick!

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He may have gorgeous friends, but you'll still be his No.1!

On top of all the musical talent, hours in the gym and vodka downing, Scott will never disappoint when it comes to providing a right laugh! The happy-go-lucky chap never fails to get a giggle from his mates, especially when he turns up to pres in a trashy gimp outfit, how risqué!

Whatever the theme of the night out, he can be spotted around the JJ's or Kasbah smoking area in some form of flesh showing outfit, or on the dancefloor cutting some very unconventional shapes – unless you're anti-fun, he's definitely for you.

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He even brings gains to the sesh!

If all of this just isn't quite enough for all you single Cov ladies, he also says: "I have a rich father".

Remember there's still time to nominate your mates! Anyone who's single and a Cov student is eligible – send your nominations to [email protected] or message The Tab Coventry on Facebook.