Callum McCulloch
York Editor of the Tab
"I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters" - Mahatma Ghandi

York has a Louis Theroux society and it’s the best thing ever

He tweeted the committee last night

70 per cent of campus is without heating today

Temperatures are expected as low as -1°C in York

Meet the man behind Stop Funding Hate, the campaign tackling racist tabloids

Lego and the Co-Op have pledged to change their advertising policies

Make Our Rivers Safe: Sign the petition

Six young people have died in York’s rivers in the past two years. Something has to change

Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ Edition

Chaos returns to York

We asked crying parents for their freshers’ week advice

‘Don’t pee in the sink’

The University of York is investing up to £500,000 in mental health support

‘Promoting positive mental health is an important responsibility for universities’

The Woolworths pick’n’mix was the best part of our childhoods

How many cola bottles could you fit in your pockets?

New York’s Night Court is the weirdest tourist attraction in the world

It felt like a real Netflix drama

All of the best reactions to Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes is the best thing on the internet right now

New York’s public hospitals are using emojis to talk to young people about sex and sexual health

*insert eggplant emoji here*

Gillean McLeod is a 60-year-old model showing women age is just a number

‘The secret is to love who you are, accept that which you cannot change, and do the best you can’

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders endorses Democratic rival Hillary Clinton

The dream is dead

Commuting by Uber in New York is now cheaper than using the subway

No more awkward eye contact with strangers

Young people have been shafted again. I’m furious and you should be too

Nigel is laughing at us all

An official photographer will retouch your graduation pictures to make you look slimmer

They’ll whiten your teeth too

We asked a Senior Politics lecturer why we should vote to remain in the EU

“Think of Europe and the world. We can make it better.”

Love Island is the new Made In Chelsea

It’s like Geordie Shore but without the need for subtitles

NUS President blames education cuts for young people joining ISIS

‘If you want to look at the problem you have to look at the state’s hand’

Phat Fridays is moving to Mansion

We spoke to the managers ahead of their big move