Mango’s has closed its doors for good, what the hell do we do now?

We can’t stay at Club I forever

If you were to ask a Falmouth student why they love their University so much, I can guarantee that the answer wouldn’t be ‘the nightlife.’ The reason for this, simply put, is that it is completely dead.

‘Pre-drinking’ happens all over the country, although this University is the only one that actually requires you downing a bottle of vodka in order to ensure you’re going to have a semi decent time out in the town.

Mango’s was a place for the students, our safe place, our haven. It understood that students in Falmouth deserved the right to a decent night out – and an alternative to the ever so popular with locals, Club International. Being next-door neighbours, the weekend battle for who could gather most people was always interesting to watch; until you realised that students flocked to Mango’s, while Club I held all the locals.

It took one noise complaint from a local who lived near the high street to signal the demise of Mango’s. The council felt it would be fitting and perfectly acceptable to give the bar a £20,000 fine – something that I still can’t seem to get my head around.

The council have always found it hard to balance themselves between pleasing both students and the locals, but this felt just a little excessive. I can’t speak for all of the locals by any means, but the one’s i’ve had the pleasure of conversing with hate students. I completely understand it as well, their quaint town seems to now be overrun by a bunch of arty, youthful hipsters. I wouldn’t wish for my grandmothers town to be overrun with students like Falmouth has been.

That is what has happened though, and we need to start working in harmony. The students need places to go on a night time, it’s part of university life. I am in no way saying that I want Falmouth high street to turn into Magaluf strip; the quietness and beauty of the area our University is placed in is part of the charm. I just strongly feel that the council need to understand they can’t charge one of the only bar’s we had £20,000 for one noise complaint.

We will continue to make the most out of what we have as it’s all we can do, I just hope something comes along that will replace Mango’s.

We can’t stay at Club International forever.