Kurt Robson
Falmouth Editor of The Tab

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Is it ever OK for white people to have dreadlocks? We asked you

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Weather in the North and the Midlands will be rubbish this week

While we’re wet, the South get sun

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They were all really rude to me

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The Sidings is the best accommodation Falmouth offers

We have sofas

Every reason indie nights will always be better than mainstream nights

The songs have verses and choruses, for starters

FXU held a ‘biased’ EU Debate last Friday without any leave campaigners

They couldn’t attract people of a ‘high enough calibre’

Maritime Studios prices dramatically increase to £160 a week

Prices are rising but students aren’t getting any richer

Mango’s has closed its doors for good, what the hell do we do now?

We can’t stay at Club I forever

Falmouth climbs to 21st place in Guardian University guide

Little old Falmouth soars ten places higher from last year

Mango’s has closed its doors for good, what the hell do we do now?

We can’t stay at Club I forever