Scientists think what you study says a lot about your intelligence

If you study arts, you’ve got no chance

If you study maths, science or engineering you’re officially the most academically intelligent.

Research carried out in the US had found those studying the STEM subjects always rank the highest in aptitude tests. Subjects that ranked the lowest includes education and agriculture.

Business studies and social sciences – labelled as the “worst choice” of subject in economic terms by Forbes – have slowly increased with more ‘academic’ students studying the subjects.

The research was carried out over seven decades suggests that what you study at uni could determine how smart you really are.

Jonathan Wai, a researcher at Duke University said the results show what subjects and occupations are “consistently valued” over the years.

Although don’t get too disheartened if you’re studying an art degree, as Wai said: “The data is about averages not specific individuals. There are quite possibly brilliant individuals in all walks of life.”

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