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Leeds’ clubbers of the week

Deadlines are dead

Meet the candidates running to be LUU Union Affairs Officer

They want to make the union great again

Meet the candidates running for Education in the LUU exec elections

Voting closes tomorrow at 4pm

Leeds’ Clubbers of the week

If you’re not on the list, you might as well not bother going out

Serious police incident in Leeds city centre

People and traffic are being diverted away from the area

Vote for Leeds’ finest single girl

All the single ladies put your hands up

Leeds Union set up a ‘sanitree’ for people to donate sanitary products for the homeless

There’s also a petition against the tampon tax

Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette: Round two

Things are hotting up

Only 22 per cent of students at Leeds come from working class backgrounds

It’s one of the lowest percentages in the country

A 22-year-old woman was assaulted in Leeds this weekend

Police are appealing for information

Leeds uni fights against fee increase with TEFCO

Save the studying and buy your degree off the shelf

Leeds clubbers of the week

Might as well go out, you only need a 40 in first year anyway

Hallelujah! Halo is reopening as ‘Church’

The second coming is here

Leeds Freshers’ clubbers of the week

If you’re not in the photos, did you even do Freshers’?

Chilli White reopens with its old name, Townhouse

And they’re giving away £1000 every week

Jungle, Artful Dodger and Heatwave to play at Fool’s Paradise festival

It’s in two weeks

Leeds grads win gold and silver in Rio

The Brownlees are the first brothers to take first and second since 1960

A bouncer told me I was ‘too fat to be the same person as my picture’

I had to go through my Instagram to prove to them I was the same person

Students trapped in Laidlaw after librarians lock doors early

It was an ordeal

The Most Eligible Bachelorette in Leeds: Results

Let’s hear it for the girls

Leeds second year launches urgent appeal to find a date for the ball

Will you go out with Dan Mann?

VOTE: The Most Eligible Batchelorette in Leeds

Who will you vote for?

Leeds Beckett want to know if we’ve got a gambling problem

Napoleon tonight anyone?

The Most Eligible Bachelor in Leeds: Results

Thousands of you voted

Hyde Park coffee shop fined after failing safety inspection

Coffee Mania had to pay nearly £6,000

I found out my former headteacher is a paedophile

He was always one of my favourite teachers

VOTE: The most eligible bachelor in Leeds

Who will get your vote?

Leeds is officially the best university in Yorkshire

We beat York in the latest rankings

I was held at gunpoint for an hour off the coast of Israel

‘My family all said goodbye to each other. I feel so blessed to be alive’

Leeds students are most sexually active in the UK

Shame it’s mostly Beckett

Leeds graduate to trek Gobi desert

She’ll be the youngest ever Brit to do so

Police seek suspect of sexual assault in MiNT

They’ve released a photo

Police confiscate speakers after student house has too many parties

They had a LOT of noise complaints

Suspected meningitis case at Leeds uni

A student has been hospitalised

Leeds in the top 20 kindest cities in the UK


Man assaulted at Leeds Uni gig

He was punched in the face and left with a fractured eye socket

Leeds named ‘best student social life in the country’

Well, naturally

Leeds is the 21st best uni in the UK

And 62nd in Europe, but w/e

LUU candidate makes history with first endorsed Snapchat filter

It’s pretty beaut

Russell Group unis more likely to offer places to open day attendees

They said open day attendance could affect the ranking of ‘near-miss candidates’

There’s a guy in America whose name is Griffin Leeds

We spoke to him about having the most coveted name in the North

Promoter uses sexual assault news to promote club night

He shared the news story and told people to ‘get down’ to his night instead

Scientists think what you study says a lot about your intelligence

If you study arts, you’ve got no chance

Leeds University to lead the fight against Ebola

Uni scientists have been given £200k to fund research

The Terrace want you to design their new sandwich

This could literally be the start of your chef career

Leeds is one of the top UK unis for students with sugar daddies

There are almost 500 ‘sugar babies’ at Leeds Uni

Two final years have launched their own record label

Youth Club Sounds are looking to take over Leeds

Leeds has the most drink-related injuries of any UK uni

What’s your mum going to say when she hears about this?

Leeds Beckett are giving away free Wagamama

This is so unfair

Beckett grad who needed blood transfusion is learning to walk again

Lucy was involved in a traffic accident in Thailand earlier this month

Leeds has been named one of the worst UK unis for free speech

No Robin Thicke here thanks

Leeds final year launches platform for creative talent in Leeds

The #mycorner campaign will be coming to Leeds in February

Leeds thief jailed after burgling five Hyde Park houses in one day

Gareth Vaughan was found hiding under a bed at the fifth house

Salaries in Leeds grew twice as fast as London last year

Maybe you shouldn’t head back south after all

London to Leeds trains are some of the worst value for money in the UK

The journey costs £133 more than driving

Thailand traveller Lucy Hill has received her blood transfusion

Donors queued outside the hospital this morning following an online appeal

Beckett grad in critical condition in desperate need of blood donor

Lucy Hill is in intensive care in Thailand following a road accident

Leeds is the second most popular uni in the UK for freshers

Bet they don’t even know what Good Life is

Space has been voted the second worst club in the UK

But shots are only 70p

A woman used the loo in my house and then attacked me in my own bathroom

Jazz Allen was viciously assaulted in her house in Hyde Park

Leeds Beckett leading the fight against ISIS cyber attacks

They’re our first line of defense

Leeds is getting an indoor ice rink

What an ice surprise

Leeds hit by worst floods in years

Liberty Park halls have been affected

Hatton Garden robbers were ‘proper sound gents’

They were locals at The Castle and The Hilton Islington

Leeds Uni libraries to diversify book selection

The decision is a victory for the ‘Why is my curriculum white?’ campaign

Leeds is the second most sexually active uni in the UK

What are we like

Woman assaulted by attacker posing as a Leeds cab driver

The 23-year-old was attacked in the early hours of yesterday morning

Pulse and Mine are closing

The Fruity favourites will shut as part of the Union redevelopment

Someone spray painted ‘KILLA’ on the wavy statue

Evidence suggests the thug life chose them

Uni accidentally withdraws second year after he changes course

They told him his student ID didn’t exist

Leeds Uni spend £2.5k a year on Christmas decorations

That’s almost a third of your yearly tuition fee

LUU to introduce Afro-Caribbean hairdressers

The decision comes after a unanimous yes vote

Chance to pay £1 rent offered by Parklane Properties

Christmas come early

Residents are planning to limit the number of students in Headingley

They’ve drawn up a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ about it

Leeds Uni contributes £3.5 million to the UK economy every single day

So that’s where our tuition fees are going

Leeds Beckett celebrating International Men’s Day

The aim is to raise awareness of men’s mental health

Thief responsible for student flat burglaries jailed

They were able to identify him from DNA on a cigarette butt

A Leeds second year has released his own album

He says it’s a mix of Tom Odell and Muse

Leeds medics invent app which helps you cram for exams

Who needs revision

Over a third of girls at Leeds have been sexually assaulted

73 per cent think ‘lad culture’ is a problem

Leeds Uni made over £150,000 in library fines last year

You could probably get an Edge membership for that

West Yorkshire Police jump on Back to the Future day bandwagon

The fun police are in town

A Leeds dropout is now al-Qaeda’s poster boy in Syria

He used to be in a band called Hannah’s Got Herpes

Police release CCTV footage of suspected Leeds rapist

A spokesman said it was ‘clearly disturbing viewing’

Gryphon forced to edit copies with marker pen after publishing Amber driver’s license plate

They used a photo of an innocent driver’s car in a story about assault

West Yorkshire Police want you to design their new poster

The best one wins £300

Mighty Leeds soars to 22nd best uni in the UK

What even is Beckett?

West Yorkshire Police release new consent campaign

The poster threatens offenders with ‘the full force of the law’

Spotify can now tell if you found an artist first

We listened to Spotify before it was cool

Leeds ranked 87th best uni in the world

Beckett didn’t even place

Four out of five Leeds burglaries go unsolved

You’re never getting your Air Max back

Heroic Leeds copper live tweets bike thief chase

The culprit was found hiding by the canal

Murdered Leeds third year awarded posthumous degree

David Miller was killed in Thailand last year

Inquest hears tragic details into the death of Leeds second year murdered by her dad

Trisha Lad was found dead in October last year

Leeds sex attacker jailed for 16 years

His last crime took place in December 2013

How stressed are you? Chill out, LUU is getting a puppy room


Man accused of second-year’s death appears in court

Billy Mankelow passed away late last month

Leeds Graduates are the second most successful in Yorkshire


Goodnight sweet prince: Eddy B to close until 2017

Blood Boyle-ing after everyone’s favourite library checks out

Leeds second-year spared jail for bottle attack on model hopeful

The victim was left with serious facial scars

UKIP secretary asks third year: ‘What are LGBT people?’

They always seemed so in touch