Women’s Street Watch NCL now has a dedicated mobile number to help you stay safe

The Newcastle women’s watchdog are going the extra mile to be there for girls feeling unsafe during nights out

Women’s Street Watch NCL are celebrating huge success after just over a month of existence.

Since the groups launch in late September they’ve raised over £12,000, gained over 18,000 Instagram followers and even opened a dedicated phone line for those in need.

The group took to their social media to announce that they now have a specific phone number that women who are in danger can call to get help.

The mobile number will be active during the hours of 10pm and 4am on Wednesday’s, Friday’s, and Saturdays.

The volunteers asked that women save the number in their phones and give them a call if they ever get stuck, feel unsafe, need water, snacks, flat shoes or anything else on a night out.

The group ultimately aims to “reduce strain on emergency services by reducing the number of non-emergency calls to 999 by providing first aid and safe routes home,” as well as “reducing instances of sexual violence and harassment against women by offering a physical presence on the streets.”

They’ve been embraced by the local community with the Women’s Street Watch Instagram account soaring to a huge 18k followers and another branch being developed in Middlesbrough.

Having met a £10,000 fundraising target in a matter of days, the team have now opened an Amazon wishlist which asks for essential items that allow the group to continue carrying out their outreach in the city.

According to a recent Facebook post, they currently have 50 volunteers on the rota and an impressive further 350 who are awaiting training. They went on to write, “We’re so proud of how far we’ve come over the last month. We have uniforms, radios, body-cams.  So many of you stop to speak to us on the street, thank us, or share your experiences.”

Links to their Amazon Wishlist and information on how to get involved with volunteering can be found on their Instagram page.

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