A Newcastle student’s guide to clubbing in winter

Tips to make the walk to Munchies a little less grim

The weather has taken a noticeable turn this month, but come rain or shine, the clubs of Newcastle will never be empty.

Whether you’re a fresher or have lived here for years, no one can deny it can get absolutely freezing up north during winter.

As survivors of multiple Geordie winters, here’s some hacks we’ve learnt along the way to stay warm without sacrificing your style.

A pair of flares is a must

Cliche? Maybe, but they’re an absolute staple, incorporating comfort AND style. You’ll never be cold while rocking a pair of flares on a night out.

If you’re looking for a classic black flare – ASOS are an ethically sourced choice so you can boogie guilt free. Favourites included the Bershka Split Hem.

Shein are also praised for their ribbed flares, coming in 10 colours and a super thick material, meaning you can still steal the show without the risk of frostbite every night.

If you’ve got a little more cash to splash, Motel Rocks do some really funky flares and of course, Depop is never in short supply and you’ll be doing the planet a favour in the process.

Layering is your friend

Although an Urban Outfitters halter neck is perfect summer attire, it might be wise to stick something over – or under in the winter. Mesh is really in at the moment and Urban Outfitters have some mint prints up for grabs.

I’m sure you’ve heard, the body warmer is back. H&M do some great neutral tones or you could treat yourself to a North Face if you’re a dedicated winter raver.

Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a turtle neck and cami top combo. Netflix’s Sex Education is packed full of inspo on how to layer so you’ll fit right in at Swingers or Oops. Bonus points if you opt for a sweater vest.

Flannels / rugby boy’s shirts are a godsend

Flannels and overshirts are so handy to throw over when you’re out drinking. Hoodies usually end up tied round your waist which is a total fashion no, so overshirts are a go-to, especially after Country Roads on a Wednesday night in Flares.

There’s always going to be a pattern that fits your look and you’ll thank yourself for it on the chilly walk home.

Arm warmers are in

Yes, we know it sounds weird but arm warmers are everywhere.

Zara do a great set but if you don’t fancy a trip to the Metro Centre, or out of bed for that matter, ASOS do them much cheaper and will deliver right to your door. To style, pair with a dress and trainers for a casual clubbing look.

Footwear is everything

Two words – warm socks. This sounds like a joke but keeping your feet warm will really help fight the chills of a winter night in Newcastle.

Don’t be afraid to put on some trainers – Air Force 1s are a must if you have a Jesmond postcode and make the walk to the takeaway so much more bearable than wearing heels.

Alcohol, obviously

If you really don’t want layers to ruin your fit, what better coat than alcohol? No doubt about it, a blue treb deal is guaranteed to take your mind off the cold and keep you toasty.

P.S, we highly recommend trying Market Shaker’s new printed cocktails while you’re there.

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