We ranked Jesmond’s pubs and bars and here are the results

If you need inspiration for where to go once pubs and bars open, look no further

With April 12th quickly approaching, the reopening of pubs is now finally within sight. Right now, the thought of drinking that first pint is what is keeping a lot of students going throughout dissertations and exams. So, to get into the spirit here is a definitive ranking of all of the pubs and bars in Jesmond.

Bar Blanc

Possibly the most well known of the pubs and bars in Jesmond and for good reason. Blanc was and still is (despite COVID) very popular with the student population thanks to its great atmosphere and friendly staff and need we remind you of £2 Tuesdays? Anyone who is anyone can be spotted here and you are always guaranteed to bump into your mates, which always makes the trip even better. Blanc is a definite must for the 12th.

The Lonsdale

The Lonsdale might be considered an unexpected choice for being so high up the list. However, its TARDIS-like interior and cosy atmosphere has always made it the perfect place to go to for drinks after a long day of uni. Not to mention the pool tables and the Sunday Pub Quizzes which add to its appeal.

Holy Hobo

Much like The Lonsdale, Hobo has a very chill and fun atmosphere, especially on quiz nights – and the comfy seats and cocktails make it the perfect date night place. It stays open until late and is thus an ideal stopping point before a big night out in the Toon.

Jam Jar

If you ever fancy a cocktail with your friends, Jam Jar is the first place you should consider going to. On top of that, they also serve delicious salads. It’s the ideal place to go to in the summer.


Osborne also provides a great atmosphere, has huge TVs for watching sports and has good deals. However, it gets packed very quickly – so make sure to get there early to save some comfy seats to get on the pints.

Beach Box

The beachy setting is perfect in the summer and the winter (if you’re hardcore enough) and the giant deckchair provides great Instagram opportunities. Nothing gets you into the summer spirit quite like a trip to Beach Box.


Now known as Phoenix (RIP), Billabong also has a very chill atmosphere. While it is small, this lends to its cosiness, which can be just what you need if you don’t want to go too wild and just fancy a quiet pint with your mates.


Finally, Spy is the ideal location when you don’t really know where to go to (or if there is not enough room at Blanc). Jokes aside, Spy is great and has a big outdoor area, which is why it is another popular student hotspot.

Roll on April 12th!

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