The 12 clubs EVERY Newcastle fresher needs to know about this summer

Pack your flares and get ready for the biggest boogie of your life

With the taste of trebs just months away, the question we’re all asking is – where first? From Soho to Sinners, we’ve listed the best of the best for clubs in Newcastle for freshers this year. Get set for booze, some serious bops and the best two weeks of your life as we create the ultimate freshers’ nightlife guide.


With Digi being the 11th best nightclub in Europe, how could we not put this cheeky number in? Party like never before with the Saturday night Pandemonium event and three rooms to take your fancy. With a silent disco in the smoking area throughout freshers’ week, the sesh at Digi never stops. Be prepared to lose your mates at some point because, with a capacity of 2000 people, you just know it’s guaranteed to bang every single Digi Monday. Head here for Feral Fridays to finish off your weekly sesh before the locals take over the city for the weekend.


Students’ sweaty spiral stair paradise. The chaos of cheap booze and tunes is sure to lure anyone in during the week. Even if Soho wasn’t on your night agenda, you’ll definitely be dragged into this club by the end of it. Swarmed with students and sticky floors, anyone who is anyone can be found here. Grab a treb and Jägerbomb and get set to be trollied by 1am.

Market Shaker

Belt your heart out to “Young Hearts Run Free” with blue trebs on tap to keep you tipsy. Home of the rahs and rugby socials, this venue provides pure uni vibes. Did you even go to Shaker if you didn’t get a picture in front of the neon signs? With three trebs priced at just £7.50, support your local girl gang and head here this September.


Also known as the home of Geordie Shore. If your only education of Newcastle is MTV’S greatest show, this is the place for you. Feel right at home with all the northerners and keep your eyes peeled for that camera crew. Bijoux is definitely the place to be for trebs, tunes and tactical chunders to keep you going all night.


Learn the local lingo as you’ll be joined by the wannabe Geordie Shore cast. Super spenny, but worth it once in a while for the aesthetic feels. Live music, an outdoor venue and fairy lights – what more could you want? Think of the Insta opportunity girls! Literally a celebs paradise, I once met Georgia from Gogglebox in the girl’s toilet and she even used my bronzer brush – life made.


If you’re feeling frisky on the dance floor, step inside this cage heaven and bust a few moves. Prepare to grab a Cherry VK bucket and drown your sorrows in cheap booze and cheesy tunes. With three trebs priced at £6, this student hub is sure to be rammed with those in need of a naughty night out in the Toon.


Home to those aged 40 and above, we just can’t resist a boogie here. Is it the decor or the throwback tunes? Who knows. All we know is that we love a pole up north. From Abba to all the big anthems, you hate to admit you secretly love it here. Grab that wrist stamp and head to the photo booth for a few pics with your new fresher besties (who you’ll probs forget about in two weeks). Stag dos can be spotted a mile off in this Flares frenzy, perfect for those in need of a few free drinks… desperate times, desperate measures.

Holy Hobo

Behold one of Jesmond’s many gems. Whilst freshers are strictly banned (okay, not exactly), we’ll let a few of you into the holy grail for a taste of life after your first year. Although it’s a little bit on the expensive side, this is the go-to after a night out on Osborne Road and is a must for anyone thinking of moving to Jesmond in second year.

Grey’s Club

Perfect for those pulling an all-night bender. With Oops on a Monday and Swingers on a Thursday, Grey’s is a must for any Newcastle newbie! Behold a smoker’s paradise with the outdoor setting, here is where you’ll find the hottest DJs and sets to keep the tunes coming through the night. It’ll take about three hair washes to rinse the smoke off your luscious locks, but we’ll do anything to commit to the sesh.

The Koos complex

Madame Koo, House of Smith and Floritas – where better to party than three clubs in one? Whilst the diamond strip trio is set for a refurb at the moment, you can be sure to find the hottest newbies getting down and dirty on the dance floor when freshers’ week comes. The Koos complex is perfect for those searching for something a little classier than your average night in the Toon. Whilst the drinks are pricey, the vibes are immaculate.

Tup Tup Palace

This one is for you boujie queens. If you’re more of a heels gal than Air Forces Ones, Tup Tup is the place for you. Keep an eye out for a few famous faces with the likes of the Love Island cast pulled in for a cheeky bit of promo during freshers’ week. Sparklers, dancers and birthday booths, Tup Tup Palace always goes that extra mile to bring us in for a boogie.

The Cut

Tuesday nights hit different with their weekly Bop event. House, techno, disco – this is the ultimate venue to give you that variety you’ve been searching for. Get your Tuesday night fix and head to this student fav for some absolute tunes.

Wherever you choose to go, you’ll be sure to have a blast! From Soho to Shaker, Newcastle can be sure to bring you trebs, tunes and good times in the Toon. Roll on September!

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