I went on a mission to find the best sandwich in the Toon

I’m a Frankie and Tony’s superfan now

The humble sarnie – not only is it a lunchtime staple, it’s also a key part of Newcastle student culture. Whether you prefer Frankie and Tony’s or Dene’s Deli, there’s no denying that students love freshly made sandwiches that they can pull out mid library sessions.

After doing some research on which shops were open for takeout during the current lockdown and asking friends for their recommendations, I set out on trying to find the most popular sandwich in the Toon.

Frankie and Tony’s

Starting off strong, Frankie and Tony’s is perhaps the most popular lunch spot among Newcastle’s student population, and it’s easy to see why. It’s located just off Northumberland Street, so is a very easy option when you’re on campus (miss you uni). I’d never actually been before but had heard so much about it and it’s clear to see why: this was possibly the best sarnie I’ve ever eaten. After a look at the huge menu, I went for the Frankie and Tony’s club, costing £3.50. It was honestly the biggest sandwich I’ve ever seen and packed full of delicious fresh fillings, so you most definitely get your money’s worth. This one was going to be very hard to beat.

Rating: 5/5

Dot Bagels

Bagels count as sandwiches…right? Dot, located on Chillingham Road, is also very hyped – and let me tell you, I now understand why. Being an avid bagel fan, I went for Dot’s collaborative bagel with Sushi Me Rollin’, which was in such high demand that I had to pre-order days before collection. The bagel was filled with tuna, avocado and cream cheese and truly lived up to all my sandwich dreams. Not only was it absolutely delicious, but it was also huge and filled me up for ages. The only fault I could find was that it’s priced at £7.50, making it more spenny than others on this list, but if you love bagels as much as me it’s well worth the splurge.

Rating – 4.5/5 (Could’ve been a strong 5 but the price has to be factored. And the fact that I’m still not sure if a bagel counts as a sandwich.)

Starbeck Deli

Starbeck Deli is a firm favourite for Sandyford students, located on Starbeck Avenue. Although it doesn’t have quite as wide a range of sandwiches as some on this list, there’s still much to choose from – they even serve burgers. I went for the chicken mayo and bacon salad sandwich, priced at £3.50. The sandwich was super tasty and filling and the staff were so friendly, but it was hard not to compare this sarnie to Frankie and Tony’s since they were at the same price point – and by this point in the week, I’d learnt that nothing quite compares.

Rating: 4/5


Despite being a chain, Greggs humble Newcastle origins meant that I just had to include it on this list. Dotted all over the city with over 20 outlets, Greggs isn’t the best choice if you’re hoping to support a small business, but is a reliable and easy everyday option. I went for their roast chicken mayonnaise baguette, priced at £3.55. It’s a solid choice and everyone loves a Greggs, but perhaps not as tasty or exciting as others on this list and buying it pre-packaged rather than watching it be made in front of you isn’t quite as satisfying.

Rating: 3/5

Dene’s Deli

Dene’s Deli, located next to Jesmond Dene, is a personal favourite of mine, so I was excited to see how it compared to Frankie and Tony’s from earlier in the week. I went for the Pestorami, filled with pastrami, mozzarella, sundried tomato and pesto, priced at £5.25. Although it was absolutely lush, its higher price point than Frankie and Tony’s and Starbeck was not quite justified, as it was smaller than the two. However, their menu offers a huge variety with loads of specials, so Dene’s Deli is a great choice if you’re wanting something more exciting than your regular ham and cheese.

Rating: 4/5

Cafe Bar One

Cafe Bar One is located on Jesmond Road, very near to competitor Dene’s Deli. I opted for one of their deli sandwiches, a chicken club, costing £6.95 (however, they did also offer regular sandwiches priced at £3.50). The presentation of this one was an absolute 10/10 – just look at it! It was also so tasty, however on the smaller side compared to some of its cheaper competition. It also lacked the fresh deli feel that some other sandwiches had, as it is ultimately more of a café. However, Cafe Bar One is a great spot if you fancy a cute café lunch as they have a huge menu of coffee-based drinks too!

Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, despite every sandwich this week being a great lunch option that I’d definitely recommend, Frankie and Tony’s came out on top. Its affordable price, huge size and fresh fillings were unbeatable and smashed the competition, making it my vote for Newcastle’s best sandwich!

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