Louisa Riley

Louisa Riley
Newcastle University


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Just 24 tweets all saying how perfect Joe Locke is in Heartstopper

He is the best Charlie Spring

The Killing Eve finale feels like a stab in the back for its queer audience

If Killing Eve had been centred around a straight couple, they definitely would’ve got to drive into the sunset

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There can only be one winner

Five surprising things in Bridgerton that actually happened in real life

Yes, they had gossip mags

Newcastle’s universities to stop selling baked beans on campus to ‘combat beaning crisis’

Both Newcastle and Northumbria are on board with the decision

Eight Newcastle bars that have drinks deals on Saturdays

Your bank account can thank us later x

Applications for The Newcastle Tab’s Editorial Team are now OPEN

Applications close on 28th March

I wore an outfit from the Lidl middle aisle on a night out

Lidl dungarees are a bit amazing

These are all the unanswered questions I still have after the chaotic Euphoria finale

Warning: Major spoilers ahead

These are the wildest Euphoria season two finale fan theories

The internet is convinced a character will die in the finale

A love letter to the O2 Academy, may it rest in peace

Skittles the size of your head and sweating the whole night through

The five best books set in Newcastle

Live, breathe and now, read, the Toon

Memecastle Blind Dates: why you should apply and our top tips

Applications are now open for February dates

Quiz: Which Euphoria girl are you?

Lexi girls are the real winners here

The Bar Blanc January sale is back and we couldn’t be more excited

£2.50 double vodkas? Say no more

Your guide to New Year’s Eve clubbing in Newcastle

All of the best events happening on NYE this year

You can now get money off your pint in Bar Blanc if you say please

It’s part of a month-long initiative led by Stella Artois

All of the best Christmas events happening in Newcastle this year

From Christmas markets to the panto, we’ve got you covered

Eight things to do in Newcastle this cozy season

Is it autumn or winter? Not actually sure

Strikes and a pandemic ruined my uni experience. How dare lecturers go on strike again?

I’m in third year and still don’t know my way around campus

Girls are reporting being spiked by injection – I’m terrified to go clubbing

As someone with health anxiety, my method of escape is now part of my fear

The Newcastle Tab’s guide to cooking at uni

With our help, you’ll be Gino by the end of the year

Nine Newcastle themed Halloween costumes to get you in the spooky spirit

Dressing as a bottle of Brown Ale never seemed so appealing

Plan a Newcastle night out and we’ll tell you if you’d survive Squid Game

If you’re on blue trebs your fate is sealed

The Newcastle Tab are recruiting – come and join our team!

We’re holding an open meeting at Bar Blanc this Monday.

Pumphrey’s – the brand new student bar from the people who brought you Market Shaker

It opens this Sunday!

The ultimate guide to Newcastle’s club nights

No matter which day of the week you’re partying, we’ve got you covered.

Geek Bars: What are these new disposable vapes trending on TikTok?

The Gen-Zs are obsessed

Clubbers of the week: freedom day edition

We’re back babyyy

Quiz: Are you the main character in your own life?

Spoiler – you probably aren’t

Newcastle’s seven best picnic spots for hot Geordie summer

Exhibition park reigns supreme

Enough’s enough: We need to stop making films and series about Ted Bundy

There are two new movies about Bundy coming, which will no doubt glamourise his crimes once again

The eight best vegan places to eat in Newcastle

Yes, vegans have more options than bean burgers and fries these days

I switched to ALDI toiletries for a month and my life will never be the same again

Some of the dupes are a revelation

We tried Davey’s, Sandyford’s newest sandwich hotspot

Davey’s Breakfast and Sandwiches are known for their instagram-able dishes

Five ways that you can still celebrate Pride in Newcastle

Just because Boris cancelled the in person event, doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate

I tried manifestation for a week in an attempt to ace my assignments

Yes, I’m that desperate for a first

The eight best (and worst) things about being single in Newcastle

We all just want someone to go two for one with x

What your choice of April 12th beer garden in Newcastle says about you

If it isn’t Shaker, you’re doing it wrong

Which RuPaul’s Drag Race UK queen are you based on your Newcastle uni halls?

UK Hun?

The eight types of girls you’ll find on Newcastle Tinder this Valentine’s Day

I’m the one who really doesn’t want a Valentine (in case you were wondering)

I went on a mission to find the best sandwich in the Toon

I’m a Frankie and Tony’s superfan now

The eight things we miss most about Newcastle nights out

Life without Oops just isn’t the same

Five easy ways to make sure you stay on top of online uni

Get out of your PJs hun xo

How and where to get tested for Covid-19 in Newcastle

It’s important to get tested if you’re showing symptoms

Six types of people you’ll definitely meet in Jesmond

Shoutout to the Blanc bestie, miss you xxx

The dos and don’ts of packing for uni halls

Surprise surprise, you don’t need your whole wardrobe!

Tips for making the most of Freshers’ Week 2020

Don’t worry, you can still get messy drunk with the Soho student deal like all the freshers before you

I went vegan for a week and it was actually easier than I thought

Vegan sausage rolls are lush

A local’s guide to the Newcastle bars you might not typically have heard of

From City Centre to further afield