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A Newcastle student is raising money for charity by launching a hot tub rental service in Jesmond

Get your bikinis out

Newcastle University student, Harry Strudwick, 21, is raising money for MIND charity with his new business venture: NCL Hot Tub Hire.

He will deliver a hot tub right to the door of your student digs for you and your mates to enjoy.

The bio-medical student saw a gap in the market for a different kind of evening entertainment and hopes it will be something Newcastle students would get on board with.

The Newcastle Tab spoke to Harry about his hot tub idea and he told us that he thinks it's a perfect idea for Jesmond house parties.

He said: "It started off as a bit of a joke and no one believed I would actually do it. I started to realise that hot tub rental in Jesmond could actually work, considering how close we all live to each other. It would be so cool for others to use it and have as much fun as my friends and I do".

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The luxury set up you can expect to enjoy with NCL Hot Tub Hire

Harry told us about his decision to recently buy another hot tub, in order to make his business ambitions a reality. He said: "I've just bought another one to rent out to other peoples houses. As far as evening entertainment goes it's up there. Always goes down a treat after dinner parties or after a night out. Feedback has been great so far and I really hope it progresses and we can do some good with it.

"I’m not really fussed about money, it comes and goes but in light of recent tabloids and some heartbreaking personal news I thought this idea would be a fun and different way to raise some money for charity. Therefore 20 per cent of proceeds will be donated to Mind to help those who struggle with depression and mental health."

To launch the service, NCL Hot Tub Hire is running a competition on their Instagram account (@nclhottubhire) for the chance to win the hot tub experience for you and your mates for four days, a crate of prosecco and flutes.

Head over to their Insta to find out how to enter to be in with the chance of winning the boujieest weekend you'll ever have at uni, and all for a good cause too!