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You have voted Soho Rooms as the best trebles bar of 2018

750 of you voted

In a somewhat predictable turn of events, Soho Rooms have been crowned the winner of this years 'Best trebles bar in Newcastle' competition.

However unexpectedly Soho did not win with flying colours, only beating previous winner, Sinners, by 45 votes.

The results were as follows: Soho – 288 votes, Sinners- 239 votes and Empress Bar- 69 votes, with Bijoux, Mimos and Mono coming in 4th, 5th and 6th.

Soho's arguably best feature is that it's open and busy every night of the week and you are bound to bump into someone you know, whether this be your old flatmate or that lad you'd been trying really hard to avoid.

With two trebs and a jager for £6.90, we all know far too well how hard it is to say no to that 'Soho tonight?' text.

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Whether you use it as a pres bar and leave after an hour to head round the corner to Swingers or find yourself in Floho at 3am, Soho is a guaranteed good time with some cheap bevs thrown in for good measure.

Owner of Soho Rooms, Zaf Saygilier, was very impressed with the result. He told The Tab Newcastle:

"All I have to say is thank you to the students, you are what makes us what we are, and we are always very grateful for your loyalty. Love you all".

BNOC nominee and Soho dedicate, Sophie Cooke, told The Tab Newcastle:

"Soho winning best trebs bar of 2018 has made the 2:2 I’m going to graduate with all that more bearable. Don’t regret a single treb".

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Keep sinking those blueberry trebs and falling down the spiral staircase in Newcastle's BEST trebles bar.

Photo credit: Chris Gray (Soho Rooms)