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A petition has been started to guarantee a graduation for final year students

Please let us wear the gown

These are the best and worst face masks fashion brands are selling

PLT branding all over my face, yes please

Strawberry milk is the newest TikTok trend, here’s how to make it

Finally something for those of us who just can’t dance

NU Netball Club pledge to walk, run and cycle 2950km to raise money for charity

You can donate via JustGiving

3D masks, vaccine trials and hand sanitiser factories: How UK unis are helping the NHS

Everyone is stepping up

It’s time for the quiz answers, if you got more than 30 you’re a Newcastle legend

No cheating

This student made a Newcastle quiz for you and your mates to do when you miss the Toon

Soho Zoom background compulsory

These are the Newcastle boys shaving their heads in lockdown

What else is there to do?

Petition for NU to introduce ‘safety net’ for summer assessments has over 2800 signatures

Other unis have already introduced it

Petition calling for NU to cancel face to face teaching has over 1,400 signatures

It was started yesterday

‘Making the AU 4U’: Meet the 2020 Athletic Union candidates

Sport, sport and more sport

Jesmond Tesco has sold out of loads of essentials amidst coronavirus lockdown concern

Students are on the stockpiling hype

Northumbria SU have cancelled their St Patrick’s Day event due to Coronavirus

Blanc it is then

‘I love rahs’: It’s time for the second lot of Fittest Fresher girls

Battle of the blondes

The iconic Fyre Festival guy is coming to Newcastle SU for a speech and discussion

King of taking one for the team x

Fight Night February 2020: Meet the fighters


NU Geography students have been given a two week dissertation extension due to the strikes

Tutors worry they won’t have enough support otherwise

‘Want our money back’: We asked Newcastle students for their opinions about the upcoming strikes

Fair to say a lot are annoyed

Two cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Newcastle

They are being treated in the RVI

24-year-old Newcastle Uni student has died whilst skiing in France

His family are ‘devastated’

Mumps is going round Newcastle and there’s a Twitter thread of before and after pics

Swollen cheeks out for the boys

The Bar Blanc January sale is BACK and we are excited

Pub anyone?

Petition to remove convicted stalkers from campus now has over 1,600 signatures

The victim has not had an apology from Chris Day

Newcastle Uni staff member fired after calling his colleague ‘hash brown’

He says uni have handled the incident unfairly

A petition to change Newcastle Uni policy on convicted stalkers reaches 900 signatures

It’s aiming to make a difference on campus

Fight Night is next week and it’s time to meet the fighters

It’s going to be a big one

An ode to Glow Rooms: The Lancaster club that we all hate to love

Can I lick ur stamp?

‘I f*cking hate n****s’: Newcastle Uni student filmed chanting racial slur

It was posted on another student’s Instagram story

There’s a video of someone pretending to be the mystery Bayswater Road Slender Man

He downs a pint from a wheelie bin

The rumours are true: Soho Rooms are bringing back their three drinks for £5 deal

Our prayers have been answered

Breaking News: The Caledonian Hotel is on fire

Fire services are tackling the blaze above Billabong

Diamond Strip drugs gang sentenced for more than 50 years

It follows the closure of four clubs in late 2017

Newcastle’s BNOC of the year: Round four

The final heat

Newcastle’s BNOC of the year: Round three

They just keep getting better

Bar Blanc are hosting a Love Island launch party THIS MONDAY

Sounds like my kind of night on paper

Breaking news: Flares has caught fire

Three fire engines attended the scene

Student newspaper The Courier publish n-word in word search

It was in the most recent edition

Posh wine and crème brûlée: How senior Newcastle Uni staff spend your tuition fees on lavish meals out

They had a three course meal with wine

‘He called me 200 times a day’: These girls reported their stalkers to their university and nothing happened

‘He told me he masturbated to my Facebook photos and waited outside my room while I slept’

QUIZ: Which Easter snack are you based on your Newcastle lifestyle?

Not everyone can be a creme egg

Former pupils confess their rowdiest stories from British state schools

‘A substitute teacher was locked in a cupboard and the whole class refused to let her out’

Upskirting is now a crime in the UK thanks to Gina Martin’s campaign

She has been campaigning for almost two years

ASOS is blocking accounts that have a ‘high’ return history and people are MAD

Nightmares are coming true

ASOS is now giving you 45 DAYS to return unwanted clothes!!!


Meet James Taylor: Uni grad and Made in Chelsea’s latest full-time player

He has three girls on the go!!!

You can dance, you can jive, but do you know which ABBA song your uni is?

Of course Newcastle is Dancing Queen

Hundreds of students accused of stalking have been allowed to continue studying at university

46 per cent of cases happened at Russell Group unis

The Robbo is closing for ‘essential maintenance’ for the entire month of May

This comes just before the start of exam season

Newcastle University confirmed as first in England to provide free sanitary care across campus

There will be 8 access points across uni

Ellen Durney is your fittest female fresher for 2019

And boy is she fit

KATIE SMYTH is your new president of the Newcastle Students’ Union!

She takes over from current president Raff

NUSU Election Results 2019 – live blog!

Stay tuned to see who the next NUSU sabbatical officers will be

These are the candidates running to be the next NUSU Athletics Union officer

Who will be your sporting leader?

Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The girls, the final

It’s the final countdown

Female staff are paid on average 20 per cent less than male staff at Newcastle University

They earn £4 less per hour

A house is on fire on Glenthorn Road in Jesmond after a towel caught on fire from a candle

It is house number 10

Invite only student party is coming to the top of the Vermont hotel

No Air Force Ones allowed

Here are all the best places to go in Newcastle this pancake day

Flippin’ brilliant

Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The girls, semi final


Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The girls, round three

The final heat

Rodeo bulls, oompah band and dance offs: Let’s Play Darts is back and bigger than ever

Banana costumes at the ready

Police confirm substance being thrown on people is liquid hand soap

No one has been injured

Newcastle’s Fittest Freshers: The girls, round two


There are reports of a man throwing an unknown substance on people near Northumbria campus

It has not yet been confirmed what the liquid is

Latin, gowns and the grace: The weird and wonderful Oxbridge dining hall traditions

Gowns at the ready

Newcastle Fittest Fresher: The girls, round one

Let’s hear it for the girls

A woman has been hit by a bus outside St James’ Park

It happened tonight

Newcastle SU have launched a site for you to buy and sell course textbooks

One book = three trebs

Universities are set to offer two-year degrees costing £11k a year starting this September

In and out in no time

Posters for the Newcastle Uni sexual consent campaign have been vandalised

Comments suggested that ‘some lie’ about being raped

Join our team: Write for The Newcastle Tab

You know you want to

Naked Attraction are looking for people from Newcastle to feature in the new series

Go on get your buns out

Bar Blanc is welcoming students back to Newcastle with some MEGA food and drink deals

That’s those January exams out of the window

What Christmas film is your Newcastle halls?

Of course Castle Leazes is Love Actually

Newcastle Uni Law society ‘clicked fingers’ and ‘waved money’ at Christmas party staff

They also smashed glass and mocked staff members

Here are the most important things that happened in Newcastle this year

It’s been a busy year, but have you been keeping up?

Meet the big sports captains at Newcastle University

Who can lift the most?

The broken door residents finally got it fixed and had a house party to celebrate

There was a DJ and light technician

We asked people from other unis what they really think of Newcastle students

Jealousy is a bitch

There’s a petition to provide Newcastle Uni students with free sanitary products

It currently has over 200 signatures

We spoke to the Northumbria student who lost his tooth on a night out

Feel like shit just want it back

Newcastle VS Northumbria Stan Calvert Varsity has been CANCELLED for 2019

This would have been its 26th year

There’s a petition to remove the pink and yellow ballerina statue from campus

It has no head

Parents of Ed Farmer ‘underwhelmed and frustrated’ by Newcastle University and the SU’s response to death

They want initiations completely removed from university culture

A pig’s head, 100 trebles and urine apple-bobbing: The initiation that led to Ed Farmer’s tragic death

He died of cardiac arrest after having five times the drink-drive limit of alcohol in his blood

Bar Blanc are welcoming students back to Newcastle with some MEGA food and drink deals

Think half price nachos

Newcastle Uni has been voted first in the North East for job prospects

Woohoo for employment!

Newcastle Uni Boat Club is on a mission to beat the ferry between Newcastle and Amsterdam

Last time it took them almost 15 hours

Greggs to open a drive-thru store in Newcastle

The best news of 2018

Where to go for your 2018 graduation meal in Newcastle

Make the most of your parents footing the bill

You have voted Soho Rooms as the best trebles bar of 2018

750 of you voted

We spoke to the Newcastle Uni third year who went on First Dates

She hasn’t seen him since lol

Clubbers of the week: Look who’s been going out instead of revising

Get back to the library

Jesmond burglar steals third year’s car keys and car whilst she was in the house

They’ve had their locks changed

Vote for the best Newcastle Trebles Bar of 2018

Champion of the trebs

There was a fire at a student house on Osborne Road in Jesmond today

Fire and ambulance teams were on scene

Swingers is set to be extended as Diamond Strip Club opens this Thursday

Stripper poles, booths and brand new loos

Newcastle University Wi-Fi down across campus and in the Robbo Library

This comes during deadline season

By order of the Peaky Blinders: Fight night returns to Newcastle University’s SU

Meet the fighters

These Northumbria Students are running a charity fight night ‘Knock Yourself Out’ next Tuesday

All for a good cause

It’s finally happening: Castle Leazes is set to be demolished in 2019

No one will move in this September