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Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The girls, round three

The final heat

Rodeo bulls, oompah band and dance offs: Let’s Play Darts is back and bigger than ever

Banana costumes at the ready

Police confirm substance being thrown on people is liquid hand soap

No one has been injured

Newcastle’s Fittest Freshers: The girls, round two


There are reports of a man throwing an unknown substance on people near Northumbria campus

It has not yet been confirmed what the liquid is

Latin, gowns and the grace: The weird and wonderful Oxbridge dining hall traditions

Gowns at the ready

Newcastle Fittest Fresher: The girls, round one

Let’s hear it for the girls

A woman has been hit by a bus outside St James’ Park

It happened tonight

Newcastle SU have launched a site for you to buy and sell course textbooks

One book = three trebs

Universities are set to offer two-year degrees costing £11k a year starting this September

In and out in no time

Posters for the Newcastle Uni sexual consent campaign have been vandalised

Comments suggested that ‘some lie’ about being raped

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You know you want to

Bar Blanc is welcoming students back to Newcastle with some MEGA food and drink deals

That’s those January exams out of the window

What Christmas film is your Newcastle halls?

Of course Castle Leazes is Love Actually

Newcastle Uni Law society ‘clicked fingers’ and ‘waved money’ at Christmas party staff

They also smashed glass and mocked staff members

Here are the most important things that happened in Newcastle this year

It’s been a busy year, but have you been keeping up?

Meet the big sports captains at Newcastle University

Who can lift the most?

The broken door residents finally got it fixed and had a house party to celebrate

There was a DJ and light technician

Newcastle Uni Boat Club release their 2018 naked calendar for charity

Peach emojis all around

We asked people from other unis what they really think of Newcastle students

Jealousy is a bitch