Hannah Williams
Co-Editor of The Tab Newcastle

QUIZ: Which Easter snack are you based on your Newcastle lifestyle?

Not everyone can be a creme egg

Former pupils confess their rowdiest stories from British state schools

‘A substitute teacher was locked in a cupboard and the whole class refused to let her out’

Upskirting is now a crime in the UK thanks to Gina Martin’s campaign

She has been campaigning for almost two years

ASOS is blocking accounts that have a ‘high’ return history and people are MAD

Nightmares are coming true

ASOS is now giving you 45 DAYS to return unwanted clothes!!!


Meet James Taylor: Uni grad and Made in Chelsea’s latest full-time player

He has three girls on the go!!!

You can dance, you can jive, but do you know which ABBA song your uni is?

Of course Newcastle is Dancing Queen

Hundreds of students accused of stalking have been allowed to continue studying at university

46 per cent of cases happened at Russell Group unis

The Robbo is closing for ‘essential maintenance’ for the entire month of May

This comes just before the start of exam season

Newcastle University confirmed as first in England to provide free sanitary care across campus

There will be 8 access points across uni

Ellen Durney is your fittest female fresher for 2019

And boy is she fit

KATIE SMYTH is your new president of the Newcastle Students’ Union!

She takes over from current president Raff

These are the candidates running to be the next NUSU Athletics Union officer

Who will be your sporting leader?

Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The girls, the final

It’s the final countdown

Female staff are paid on average 20 per cent less than male staff at Newcastle University

They earn £4 less per hour

A house is on fire on Glenthorn Road in Jesmond after a towel caught on fire from a candle

It is house number 10

Invite only student party is coming to the top of the Vermont hotel

No Air Force Ones allowed

Here are all the best places to go in Newcastle this pancake day

Flippin’ brilliant

Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The girls, semi final


Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The girls, round three

The final heat