Hannah Williams
Co-Editor of The Newcastle Tab

Petition for NU to introduce ‘safety net’ for summer assessments has over 2800 signatures

Other unis have already introduced it

Petition calling for NU to cancel face to face teaching has over 1,400 signatures

It was started yesterday

‘Making the AU 4U’: Meet the 2020 Athletic Union candidates

Sport, sport and more sport

Jesmond Tesco has sold out of loads of essentials amidst coronavirus lockdown concern

Students are on the stockpiling hype

Northumbria SU have cancelled their St Patrick’s Day event due to Coronavirus

Blanc it is then

‘I love rahs’: It’s time for the second lot of Fittest Fresher girls

Battle of the blondes

The iconic Fyre Festival guy is coming to Newcastle SU for a speech and discussion

King of taking one for the team x

Fight Night February 2020: Meet the fighters


NU Geography students have been given a two week dissertation extension due to the strikes

Tutors worry they won’t have enough support otherwise

‘Want our money back’: We asked Newcastle students for their opinions about the upcoming strikes

Fair to say a lot are annoyed

Two cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Newcastle

They are being treated in the RVI

24-year-old Newcastle Uni student has died whilst skiing in France

His family are ‘devastated’

The Bar Blanc January sale is BACK and we are excited

Pub anyone?

Petition to remove convicted stalkers from campus now has over 1,600 signatures

The victim has not had an apology from Chris Day

Newcastle Uni staff member fired after calling his colleague ‘hash brown’

He says uni have handled the incident unfairly

A petition to change Newcastle Uni policy on convicted stalkers reaches 900 signatures

It’s aiming to make a difference on campus

Fight Night is next week and it’s time to meet the fighters

It’s going to be a big one

An ode to Glow Rooms: The Lancaster club that we all hate to love

Can I lick ur stamp?

‘I f*cking hate n****s’: Newcastle Uni student filmed chanting racial slur

It was posted on another student’s Instagram story

There’s a video of someone pretending to be the mystery Bayswater Road Slender Man

He downs a pint from a wheelie bin