Hannah Williams
Co-Editor of The Newcastle Tab

Newcastle Uni staff member fired after calling his colleague ‘hash brown’

He says uni have handled the incident unfairly

A petition to change Newcastle Uni policy on convicted stalkers reaches 900 signatures

It’s aiming to make a difference on campus

Fight Night is next week and it’s time to meet the fighters

It’s going to be a big one

An ode to Glow Rooms: The Lancaster club that we all hate to love

Can I lick ur stamp?

‘I f*cking hate n****s’: Newcastle Uni student filmed chanting racial slur

It was posted on another student’s Instagram story

There’s a video of someone pretending to be the mystery Bayswater Road Slender Man

He downs a pint from a wheelie bin

The rumours are true: Soho Rooms are bringing back their three drinks for £5 deal

Our prayers have been answered

Breaking News: The Caledonian Hotel is on fire

Fire services are tackling the blaze above Billabong

Diamond Strip drugs gang sentenced for more than 50 years

It follows the closure of four clubs in late 2017

Newcastle’s BNOC of the year: Round four

The final heat

Newcastle’s BNOC of the year: Round three

They just keep getting better

Breaking news: Flares has caught fire

Three fire engines attended the scene

Student newspaper The Courier publish n-word in word search

It was in the most recent edition

Posh wine and crème brûlée: How senior Newcastle Uni staff spend your tuition fees on lavish meals out

They had a three course meal with wine

‘He called me 200 times a day’: These girls reported their stalkers to their university and nothing happened

‘He told me he masturbated to my Facebook photos and waited outside my room while I slept’

QUIZ: Which Easter snack are you based on your Newcastle lifestyle?

Not everyone can be a creme egg

Former pupils confess their rowdiest stories from British state schools

‘A substitute teacher was locked in a cupboard and the whole class refused to let her out’

Upskirting is now a crime in the UK thanks to Gina Martin’s campaign

She has been campaigning for almost two years

ASOS is blocking accounts that have a ‘high’ return history and people are MAD

Nightmares are coming true