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Meet the big sports captains at Newcastle University

Who can lift the most?

The broken door residents finally got it fixed and had a house party to celebrate

There was a DJ and light technician

Newcastle Uni Boat Club release their 2018 naked calendar for charity

Peach emojis all around

We asked people from other unis what they really think of Newcastle students

Jealousy is a bitch

There’s a petition to provide Newcastle Uni students with free sanitary products

It currently has over 200 signatures

We spoke to the Northumbria student who lost his tooth on a night out

Feel like shit just want it back

Newcastle VS Northumbria Stan Calvert Varsity has been CANCELLED for 2019

This would have been its 26th year

There’s a petition to remove the pink and yellow ballerina statue from campus

It has no head

Parents of Ed Farmer ‘underwhelmed and frustrated’ by Newcastle University and the SU’s response to death

They want initiations completely removed from university culture

A pig’s head, 100 trebles and urine apple-bobbing: The initiation that led to Ed Farmer’s tragic death

He died of cardiac arrest after having five times the drink-drive limit of alcohol in his blood

Bar Blanc are welcoming students back to Newcastle with some MEGA food and drink deals

Think half price nachos

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Free food I hear you say

Newcastle Uni Boat Club is on a mission to beat the ferry between Newcastle and Amsterdam

Last time it took them almost 15 hours

Greggs to open a drive-thru store in Newcastle

The best news of 2018

Where to go for your 2018 graduation meal in Newcastle

Make the most of your parents footing the bill

You have voted Soho Rooms as the best trebles bar of 2018

750 of you voted

We spoke to the Newcastle Uni third year who went on First Dates

She hasn’t seen him since lol

Clubbers of the week: Look who’s been going out instead of revising

Get back to the library

Jesmond burglar steals third year’s car keys and car whilst she was in the house

They’ve had their locks changed

Vote for the best Newcastle Trebles Bar of 2018

Champion of the trebs

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