Sinners crowned ‘Best Trebles Bar, 2016’

Over 5,000 of you voted

We asked you which was best trebles bar in Newcastle and you responded in your thousands. Sinners was voted this year’s winner receiving more than 1,400 votes. Soho Rooms came a close second with 1,156 votes and Empress Bar came in at third with 922 votes.

It’s no surprise that Sinners was victorious. The bar’s strong trebles and steep stairs make it the place to be. It has claims to be one of the best treble bars in the world since 2013. Sinners has featured in The Tab before after two dedicated freshers spent seven nights on-the-trot in the bar and bouncer, Connor, won The Tab’s bouncer of the month in February. Its cage is infamous and the prices are cheap at three trebles for £5.

We asked some of you to comment why Sinners is your favourite:

Izzy Wauchope claims Sinners is the best as “the cage protects you from people spilling their trebs on you.”

Ellie Beach told The Tab: “It’s everything I want from a night out: trashy, cheap and near a chip shop.”

Rosabel Crean said: “Whoever you are and whatever your background you will always leave the most pissed you’ve ever been.”

Josh Thacker thinks: “Sinners is amazing, because it offers you more then just one way to injure yourself, for instance you’d never expect the use of a stripper pole would be to break your hand.”