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Vote for the best Newcastle Trebles Bar of 2018

Champion of the trebs

You're lying if you say you don't love a treb or three when you're hitting up the Toon, but where is your favourite place to sink them? Do you love falling down the Soho stairs or prefer to put your heels on and head to Empress? Let us know in the poll below as we crown the true champion of 2018.

Soho Rooms

Two trebs and a jager for £6.90, the deal which ruins student's lives every night of the week. That is also one of the best things about it; it is open and busy every single day. The free entry also gives it a lot of bonus points which can be an issue when you're unsure whether to go out or attempt to make it to your 9am (spoiler: Soho always wins).

Whether you use it as a pres bar and leave after an hour to head round the corner to swingers or find yourself in Floho at 3am, Soho is a guaranteed good time with some cheap bevs thrown in for good measure.

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Bijoux prides itself on being a boutique bar/nightclub with an energetic and fun vibe. The music ranges from RnB to Hip-Hop and classic floor fillers. Bijoux not only plays some great songs but on weekdays also offers drink offers you can’t afford to miss. 3 Trebs for £5.95 or if you’ve been out the night before and don’t want anything too heavy, 3 Coronas for the same price. However, for Newcastle students used to wearing a fleece or bomber jacket to the club, be prepared cause you’re gonna have to get dressed up for this one. So make sure you get drunk at pres or else expect the pain of your heels to ruin the night.

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Empress Bar

Similar to Bijoux, Empress is one of Newcastle’s classier jaunts, full of people dressed to the nines and looking glamorous. The bar offers a fab atmosphere, sophisticated set up, and drink offers like 2 trebs and 2 shots for £6.50 or cocktails for £6.95. If you want a bar to spend a couple of hours in before heading to the main club, Empress is the place for you.


Sinners were voted as king of the trebs bars last time we ran the competition but will they be victorious this time? You'll always end up in the infamous cage even though you promise yourself you never will again. The closest bar perhaps to the three for a fiver trebs deal we all imagine. 3 archers and lemonade for a fiver, not quite voddy but we will take it.


Located right in the centre of the action this is the perfect bar to start your night in no matter where you're heading after. I'd go as far to say it was one of Newcastle's underdogs with banging tunes and good vibes every night of the week. With 2 trebs and a bomb for £6.50 it beats Soho on price and everyone knows the famous saying; 40ps make prizes.

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Mimo Metropolis

Mimos is known for its fun vibe in terms of music, decor and funky drinks. With a unique sexy trebs recipe that you cant find anywhere else in the Toon, it is definitely worth stopping off on your way out. Ignore the stink of the loos and the death trap stairs and you are sure to have a great time and with 3 trebs for £7 you can't really complain.

Photo credit: Chris Gray (Soho Rooms)