Waitrose is voted the more fashionable Jesmond supermarket

Victorious in battle of the aisles

The traditional turf war of Jesmond supermarkets continues. The Tab Newcastle decided to test it out and ask you to vote on which Jesmond supermarket is the most fashionable.

Which is your shop of choice: Waitrose or Tesco and what does this say about your style? (Obviously being a newbie on the block Sainsbury’s doesn’t get a look in…) This poll received a staggering reception and with over 1,800 votes Waitrose has been declared the more fashionable shop.

51% of you voted Waitrose more fashionable, showing that Tesco style is indeed pretty Basic. There is little to suggest as to why Watirose has come out on top, but shopping regular Ed suggests it could be that: “you can buy honey for £19.” Maybe the high prices attracts a better dressed clientele or those with a suave wardrobe are more savvy about getting a free coffee.

Here are the outfits that led our favourite Little Waitrose to victory:

Kitty, third year, Medicine

Coat: Topshop

What were you buying? “A Creme Egg.”

Elliot, third year, Urban Planning and Della the dog

Coat: The North Face

Dog collar: Martha’s Vineyard

What were you buying? “Getting my daily fix of Waitrose coffee.”

Charlie, Rosie and Rosie, second year, English Literature

Charlie’s jumper: Berghaus vintage fleece

Rosie’s pink puffa: Topshop

Rosie’s beanie: Thinsulate

What were you buying? “Crisps and dips, Chinese ready meal and raspberry mojitos.”

Rosabel, second year, English Literature and Molly, second year, Geography and History of Art

Coats: Both are vintage purchases

What were you buying? “Wine and Malteaster bunnies.”

Erica, second year, English Literature

Coat: Topshop

What were you buying? “White wine vinegar and flour.”

Zinzi, Dance City, Gateshead

Jacket: A vintage warehouse

Trousers: Urban Outfitters

What were you buying? “Valentine’s day meal for two.”