Here’s why Jesmond is undoubtedly the best student area in the country

See you later S(m)elly Oak and definitely forget Fallowfield

Jesmond is, without a doubt, the nicest and one of the most luxurious student areas in the country. It’s posh, it’s clean and whether you’re in Jes or West Jes, it really doesn’t make a difference. Jesmond is an Eden full of neatly rowed terraced houses and Newcastle students living in their element.

Robberies are rare in Jesmond and we certainly do not have cages on our doors (looking at you Hyde Park). No, in Jesmond we leave the cages for Leeds and instead adopt the much more civilised options of Aga’s and hot tubs.

Our affluent student suburbia has friends from other universities gawking and obsessing over how nice Jes really is, and they’re not wrong: Jesmond is definitely where it’s at.

Classy af

In comparison to your student area, Jesmond is positively heavenly

We have no bins or rubbish lining our terraced streets, nothing to tarnish the Jesmond beauty. You may have gardens in your student houses, which are sparse in Jesmond it has to be said, but instead we have yards at the back of our digs.

Roof parties are a common occurrence on a sunny day. Whether you have a roof top or window ledge there are still parties to be a had and many tinnies to be drunk. Our rent is also ridiculously cheap, £80 a week with bills included for a huge student house? It’s a no brainer.

Osborne Road

Or the ‘O R’ as some of us like to call it, is littered with bars and restaurants. Whether you go to Blanc, Osbornes or Spy, your bar will always be your bar. It’s a place where you always run into your mates and with £2 Tuesdays and constant happy hours, even our bank accounts remain happy. A classy cocktail at Jam Jar is only £5 and, yes, they really do put real jam in those jars.

There’s too much choice for food

An alternative to the drinking haven of Ozzy Road is Brentwood Avenue where you find Arlo’s, Cake Stories and fro-yo. Sitting on this sunny street in a cosy Arlo’s blanket and eating quite literally the best brunch of your life, you feel very removed from student living. For lunch Nudo, the sushi restaurant, just across from Greggs forms the perfect comparison.

Jesmond is like Nudo, classy and chic, while other student areas sadly fall into the Greggs description of common and a tiny bit grotty. Other restaurants include Longhorns, Peace & Loaf and Francessca’s. Francessca’s queue practically reaches the street every night as hungry students clamour for cheap prices, litres of wine and the infamous half pizza/half pasta deal.

Living the Brentwood dream


Which other student area in the country has a Waitrose? Let alone next to Jules B, which sells Canada Goose. Yes, that’s right, Canada Goose, on the one hand absolutely ridiculous but on the other totally amazing at the same time. Why not just pop into Waitrose on your way home from uni? You’ll really find your student staples in there. If you don’t have a Waitrose card then sadly you don’t make the Jesmond elite.

We even bring dogs to our student houses

Della is a living Jesmond legend and loves living in her student digs. We’ve heard from exclusive sources that she likes to go on walks from ‘Sunbury to Waitrose’ it’s all very rah, but really quite brilliant and just so Jesmond.

The Metro

For when the Northern winds strike and the snow starts to fall head to the metro to avoid frostbite on the way to lectures. Perfectly functional and affordable. Even if Jesmond pushes your limit at times, why not hop onto the metro for the short journey to the beach and have a relaxing break in Whitley Bay?

Jesmond Dene

Complete with waterfalls and Pets’ Corner on a hangover what else could be better than a trip to Jesmond Dene? Us Jesy dwellers are able to have a muddy romp at any time with the Dene right on our door step. How lucky we are, to be fair we could all probably benefit from a bit of colour in our cheeks.

We also have really cool parties

I don’t know whether you’ve heard but Jesmond is legendary for throwing parties? So legendary one of our own made national news. We may seem nice, but really underneath it all we really are quite naughty. Jesmond has seen the likes of S&M parties, Kinky discos and Brothels. You name it, we’ve had it.

So don’t kid yourself, and don’t debate it, Jesmond truly is the best student living area in the country.