Froyo comes to West Jesmond

Because everyone loves Froyo

Two former students have abandoned corporate life and set up a frozen yoghurt store on the prosperous Brentwood avenue in West Jesmond.

“Iglouu” can be spotted a mile off due to its bright orange décor and also sells a large variety of milkshakes and smoothies.


Simon and Michael

Simon Coward, 24, a business marketing graduate from the University of Leeds, and Michael Carling, 24, a law graduate from UCL, grew sick of their graduate office jobs and decided to shake up their life by entering into the frozen yoghurt business.

The local pair returned home to Newcastle after spotting a niche in the market and hope to soon be milking it in with the student populous.


One happy customer, third year Ross Swain said; ‘I’d never tried froyo before, now I know what I’ve been missing out on.’


A frozen yoghurt may not be the cheapest of desserts, setting you back at least £3, with toppings costing 40p each, but it will certainly sort you out after a Wednesday night in Tiger.

You might even call it your ‘dairy godmother’, soothing your hangover woes.