Jesmond third years rent a hot tub for the weekend

Water way to start term

A house of boys on Cavendish Place have set the high standard for this year’s house parties by hiring a hot tub for a weekend of housewarming celebrations.

For the sum of £35 each the boys have hired a hot tub for 5 days. Third year Geographer, Jack, explained that the idea for the hot tub sprang from discussing buying some garden furniture. He said: “We called about 15 different companies to get the best price and then when we found the best company we gave the brother an extra 20 quid to drop it off in an hour and a half.”

Third year housemate James also added: “This is what Justin Beiber would be doing and that is why we are here.”


The intrepid housemates faced difficulties in getting the hot tub filled with water. The Cavendish Road residents said they traipsed around the streets of Jesmond in search of a hose pipe, eventually finding someone on Queen’s Road who was willing to lend theirs to get it filled up.

Over the weekend they’ve been making good use of their hot tub, claiming they’ve fitted up to 30 people in it at one point.


But the party-goers haven’t just used the tub for celebrating. They have also been enjoying eating in it, smoking cigars for breakfast, using it in lieu of showers and have considered experimenting cooking fish in it.


The boys said there have been plenty of pasty bodies on display in the tub and there have been a lot of issues with people’s feet touching underwater.

They confirmed that no one has had sex in the tub because they’re all virgins, although they did say: “The hot tub is perfect for the schweff.”


Although they have been enjoying the tub the boys admitted they have become a little wrinkly. James said he was so wrinkly he: “Made Aquaman look like he hadn’t been for a swim”.

They’re currently not sure how they’ll get rid of the water but Jack told The Tab: “We’ll probably just whack it in the bath. We’ll get some buckets and the kettle involved and ship it in all night long.”

The company they hired the tub from has a loyalty scheme where if you hire a tub four times you get money off the fifth one. Watch this space.