Jesmond S&M party: the full story and pictures

Feast your eyes

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Yesterday, our friends at The Tab Northumbria published some pictures of a Newcastle S&M party – but they were just the pres.

We thought we should let you know what really went down, as told by the hosts.


“We didn’t expect as many people to turn up as we did, 250 people in the house”

“Missing this was the biggest mistake you made at uni” – Joe Hipkiss, Chemistry

“The most stressful night of my life but would do it again tomorrow” – Matt Swabey, Geography

“It’s fine, I don’t use the oven anyway, mate” – Josh Alibhai, Sociology

“First and last time I give a policeman a tour of my house dressed in gimp gear” – Jake Leighton, Countryside Management

“Mate, they have a bouncy castle up here, come and have a look” – the Police

The hosts in all their glory

The hosts are all pretty happy with how the night went.

Alexi Pittalis, Geography, says he “can’t wait to do another one”, however the night was not without regrets.

Brittany Cronin, Marketing, said: “Wish I snogged more in the rave” .



At one point there were 250 people in the house, according to the door clicker used by Rhys, the professional bouncer.

One of the hosts, Sophie Laverick, Architecture and Planning, said: “I didn’t realise I had that many friends.”

The hosts operated a strict two-door system, operated by a bouncer and freshers to reduce noise.

After giving their names to the bouncer, revellers entered through the makeshift smoking area which had a ceiling of fairy lights, into the kitchen.

From there the loud sound system could be heard coming out of the living room where tin foil covered the walls and ceiling, creating the “shimmering cube”.

There were smoke machines, strobe lights, DJ decks and speakers.

This room was hosted by student DJ duo, Presidential.

One of the lucky housemates had her room transformed into an urban jungle with leaves, camo, signs stuck to the wall and a DJ both, with the one and only DJ Dink playing in the corner until the early hours.

An impressive set up


Josh and Jake repping M&S vs. S&M




A room upstairs was made into a chill zone with a 12x4ft ball-pit – reportedly containing 3,000 balls, a bouncy castle in operation and a laptop strapped to a table inviting music requests.

Another housemate hosted another relaxed area with seating, a star gazer and a huge sound system.

One room was a ‘tuck shop’ where you could buy booze all night from one of the freshers being paid to work.

Soundproofing in their kitchen

A 12x4ft ball pit and bouncy castle


Their very own tuck shop




It appeared the girls rather enjoyed the leather


People also did well to stick to the theme of “S & M and M & S”.

From whips to dildos, old grandad’s to dominatrix girls, it was all there.

The debauchery lasted until around 4am when two bewildered police officers came in to shut the party down.


Jake Leighton, one of the hosts, was made to tour the police around the premises, in full gimp gear.



Sophie, Jake and Brit were three of the hosts.



The Police reportedly tried five times to get a sound reading loud enough to close party, but extensive soundproofing stopped that from happening.

Once they did manage to enter the property they were obviously impressed as one officer accepted an offer to be shown around the party, and one host tells us that they seemed sorry to shut it down due to the work put in.

One officer is said to have called the other up the stairs to check out the bouncy castle.

So the party was cut short around 4am, however this did not stop over 100 returning for an after party lasting until approximately 9.30am.

The last of the partygoers were seen the next day in Blanc – still causing scenes.

A fallen reveller

A fallen reveller


The damage was limited to a smashed oven, a broken telly, cracked loo seat and some smashed lights – not bad for having over 200 inebriated people stumbling around the house.


Josh Alibhai, host, didn’t seem too concerned about the damage, – “I don’t even use the oven mate”.

In the aftermath, host Jack Rowbotham, Business and Management, asks: “anyone need 3000 balls and 450m of tin foil?”.