Jesmond pets: Meet Della the dachshund

The fluffmeister

Meet Della the dog, star of a thousand snapchat stories.

She’s a seven year old dachshund who moved to Jesmond in September and hasn’t looked back. Her owner, Kate, is a second year studying Art. She told The Tab: “Della loves uni life, she used to get quite lonely at home during the day but now she gets constant love and attention. I get messages from people asking if they can look after her. We need to set up a spreadsheet. She loves visiting everyone!”


Bathing Beauty

Kate said: “Her favourite place is the beach and she loves playing with seaweed. She really likes the Dene but wishes she could go into pets corner and hang with the goats.”

Considered by many to be the biggest flirt this side of Osborne Road, she’s become something of a local celebrity.

Tabitha Ward, third year, a friend of Kate’s told The Tab: “It’s nice having a dog to stroke at uni. Della is love. Della is life.”

Kate, who is busy juggling sport and university work, has help from her friends looking after Della during the day. A male housemate told The Tab “Della is just so chill. She’s put me back together since I broke up with my girlfriend. I can really rely on her.”

The uncontested queen of Jesmond pets takes it all in her (admittedly) short stride.


Della’s album cover

Watch this space for The Tab Newcastle’s BNOC 2016.

Enjoys: short walks in the Dene, having her tummy tickled, licking the kitchen floor, snuggles and snoring peacefully in any bed that will have her.

Dislikes: male guests in her owner’s bed, her strict diet regimen, road safety.

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