Two third years are currently hitch-hiking back to the Toon after becoming stranded in Liverpool

A Geordie guy named Tim picked them up

It was supposed to be a quick weekend trip to Liverpool for a mate’s house party.

So imagine these third years’ horror when they found themselves stranded in Merseyside with no money and no way of getting home.

Helpless bio-med, George Cooper, told The Tab: “We didn’t book travel back because we’re disorganised twats. We were at a pub when we came up with the idea of hitch-hiking back… We knew how great Geordies are with that sort of thing.”

After each making a sign for themselves reading saying: “Poor students needing lift home to Toon”, they stood on the roadside outside Anfield, where Newcastle have been playing Liverpool today.

After just 30 seconds, a Geordie named Tim pulled up and offered them a ride back North.

Geordie Tim

Geordie Tim was on his way back to Newcastle after watching the Liverpool game at Anfield.

Whilst in the car they talked about Newcastle’s chances of remaining in the league and talking about Tim’s record collection whilst jamming to Cream live at the Albert Hall.

George said: “We’ve actually got so much in common with him. I feel like fate brought us together.”

At the time of publishing the trio are making their way up the M62 and are near Leeds.